9 Reasons Why Smart People are Vaping Cannabis instead of Smoking

vaping Cannabis

While we already have the science to prove smoking cannabis is less harmful than smoking tobacco as it contains less carcinogens, there is still the presence of carcinogens when you smoke cannabis. So what’s the solution? Switch to vaping Cannabis! Even though the carcinogens released from smoking cannabis are not likely to give you lung cancer, […]

What To Do If You Get Too High?

What To Do If You Get Too High?

When it comes to cannabis there is no surprise that some people can “ get too high ” for their own liking. What can a person do to help decrease their high? First it is important that users know what is in cannabis and how it affects the mind and body. See the beauty of medicinal cannabis […]

New York’s Medical Marijuana Program: Ineffective

stigma of the weed

People of New York have been waiting years for New York’s Medical Marijuana Program to be put in place and now that it has… it’s proving to be ineffective. The Compassionate Care Act, a bill to legalize medical cannabis was introduced to the New York State legislature by Richard Gottfried in 1997. It took until […]

How to Grow Cannabis At Home

Growing Cannabis

With the rise of medicinal marijuana users and the need for good quality cannabis, some people would prefer to grow cannabis at home. You are certainly not alone, it is becoming very popular around the world and especially in North America. There is a huge interest in growing plants at home for various reasons such […]

Cannabis: Still California’s Number One Cash Crop 2016

The rise of the Cannabis industry in California to corporate dollars has triggered a scramble for entrepreneurs and cannabis retailers nationwide. Investors all around the United States are eager to take part in California’s large-scale marijuana farms that are generating tremendous profits for medical marijuana. Marijuana businesses, being banned to turn a profit since 1996, […]

Brief History of Cannabis in Australia

Australia Cannabis

Cannabis is quite popular in Australia. The lucky country has the perfect climate for the plant and Aussies are among the top 10 Cannabis consumers on the planet and did you know it has recently been legalized for medical use? Times are changing but do you know the history of Cannabis in Australia? Where it all began? […]