Cannabis Chocolate

Cannabis Chocolate

With the blossoming cannabis-infused edibles (thanks to the growing marijuana legalization movement), new users are discovering ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking and even those who are curious get to try as well. Using cannabis provides no room for waste. In our quest to see how far our cannabis can go, we have come up […]

Cannabis for Stress Relief

Cannabis for stress relief

Dealing with stress is part of our daily lives. The everyday hustle and bustle at work, home, and everything in between, makes each one of us susceptible to stress. Little do most of us know that when stress is bottled up it can not only make us physically and mentally dysfunctional but can also lead to […]

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Driving with marijuana in your system

Driving is a daily task for most people and we rely on it heavily to get around. Unfortunately, some people abuse their right to drive and speed around under the influence of alcohol and narcotics which drastically impacts their ability to be safe drivers.  Marijuana is often classified the same as narcotics so you cannot […]

Cannabis in the Philippines

Cannabis in the Philippines

It is not surprising that there is cannabis in the Philippines, the country is a humid tropical, sovereign island country located in the Southeast part of Asia situated on the western side of the Pacific Ocean. It boasts a climate perfect for growing cannabis and is widely available on most of its islands… but yet […]

Cannabis Culture – Love, Live, Weed

cannabis culture

There are many things that come to one’s mind when you hear the term “Cannabis Culture ”. For instance, some people may instantly envision the pot leaf symbol while others hear echoes of 4:20, but where did these iconic parts of the cannabis culture originate? The Rise of 420 The 420 phenomenon all started in 1971 […]