Is Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Safe?

Is It Safe to Use Marijuana During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is definitely the most anticipated event in a woman’s life. Conceiving a child can be a beautiful, yet challenging experience to a woman. An expectant mother should be given as much attention to her overall health and wellness during this very special phase in her life. Among the challenges most pregnant women undergo is […]

How Marijuana Affects Teens and Adolescents

Marijuana's Effect on Teens

The stigma is strong when it comes to cannabis use in general, but more so when it is about how marijuana affects teens and adolescents. Tons of commercials have been run on television and even online about how the effects are comparable to cocaine use… however, how marijuana affects teens and adolescents are not as […]

Cannabis in Canada

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

The world is experiencing a huge shift in the battle of cannabis… we are not trying to STOP the use of cannabis anymore instead we are trying to legalize it worldwide. Playing a big role in the fight for the truth about cannabis, since the dawn of prohibition is Canada. The stigma on cannabis in […]