Responsible Cannabis Use – How To Avoid Misusing Cannabis

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Reports after reports have been telling us over the last 120 years that Cannabis has significant therapeutic effects. Doctors have been reporting on the positive effects of the Cannabis plant to tackle child epilepsy for nearly 100 years. From Hero to Zero – How Cannabis was ‘Discredited’ Cannabis used to be a well-accepted medicine around […]

Italy’s Marijuana Law Reform: What’s Going On?

Italy’s Marijuana Law Reform: What’s Going on?

Italy has been on the cusp of significant reform for at least the last three years. Given the fact that Germany just passed full medical reform, the issue is front and centre in the French national election this year, Great Britain just moved to regulate CBD and the Spanish are on the edges of greater […]

5 Non-alcoholic Cannabis-infused Drinks You Must Try

5 Non-alcoholic Cannabis-Infused Drinks You Must Try

Today, we can easily see cannabis-infusion cuisine in notable restaurants and avid chefs but historically, cannabis cookery was prevalent in South Asia as early as the 15th century. Countries like India popularized a beverage called Bhang in 1580, a product from experimenting with cannabis plants, which at the time was often an ingredient for traditional medicine. Cannabis-infused […]

UN Appoints Pro Legalization Secretary General – Antonio Guterres

It is not just the Trump White House that promises to shake up the old world order in 2017. The legalization of cannabis continues to make international headlines far beyond American state politics. This year, it is likely that the first real, coordinated international concessions will begin to be made at the UN level. The […]

Get Relief From Cannabis Patches

Get relief from Cannabis patch

One of the possible ways of delivering the health benefits of Cannabis has been gaining popularity over the last few years. You can now enjoy the medical benefits of your herb anywhere and anytime with the help of Cannabis Patches. What are Cannabis Patches? Cannabis patches are adhesive transdermal patches that conveniently attach to any […]

Cannabis Getaway Destinations To Explore In 2017

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Along the rise of the Pro-Cannabis legalization movement across the globe is the flourishing Cannatourism industry. To those who have a Cannabis- infused lifestyle, like us at Green D, weed and travel are among the best things in life. If you dream of a Cannabis getaway, where you can reward yourself with the best cannabis […]