ICBC – First Business Conference Organizes For April Kickoff in Berlin

ICBC – First Business Conference Organizes For April Kickoff in Berlin

As legalization gets written into the law books in Germany, reformers and entrepreneurs are more than ready. Literally, as the law changes, the first official “legal” business conference – the ICBC – is getting the last details ready for its first German event. In some ways, particularly to American and Canadians, Deutsch market development is […]

How To Make the Perfect Cannabis Chocolate Ganache

cannabis chocolate ganache

In the culinary, especially in the deserts world, chocolate is considered a superstar ingredient. Chocolates are the ultimate comfort food in the form of pastries, bars, dairy-based soft serves, and a whole lot more food varieties. There are a hundred wonderful creations that can be done in the kitchen with chocolate and definitely, there are […]

Is Microdosing Marijuana A “New Thing”?

In a world where new developments come on a regular basis, the concept of microdosing is pretty hot right now. The concept is not exactly “new” but as with many practices and traditions in this world, it is certainly getting another look. Microdosing, in general, is a concept that has been around for a long […]

Cannabis-infused Cold Treats for the Summer Heat


The summer daze probably gets every one of us, Cannabis lovers very thrilled. This season calls for fun outdoor activities and long vacation leaves. Some of us go hiking, trekking, camping, beach bumming, pool partying, and maybe just a relaxing staycation at home or a Canna resort. With all of these summer activities in mind, […]

How Cannabis Changed My Life

How Cannabis Changed My Life

Marijuana was introduced into my life as an illicit drug. My early experiences with it were poorly rolled, crusty joints, out of a bong someone made from a plastic Gatorade bottle and a pen, and I even smoked weed from a rolled up piece of toilet paper someone ingeniously thought could work just as well […]

Is Social Media Important for Dispensary Owners?

You can’t run a dispensary without understanding social media. It’s how the word gets out about your brand and products these days. If you don’t exist on the internet, it’s almost as if you don’t exist anywhere. There are a lot of people vying for consumers’ attention. If you want to get noticed in spite […]