Cannabis Stocks Drop on Canada Marijuana Legalization Delay News

Cannabis Stocks Drop on Canada Marijuana Legalization Delay News

With the marijuana legalization bill due in Canada’s Parliament in the coming months, Cannabis stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange have been enjoying the anticipation. Much of the growth in the sector was fueled by analysts’ speculation that recreational sales could start in Canada as early as 2018. Late November 2016, Bloomberg reported that recreational […]

Marijuana Users Aren’t Criminals – Israel Decriminalizes Cannabis

Marijuana Users Aren't Criminals - Israeli Government Decriminalizes Cannabis

Decriminalization isn’t the same as legalisation, however, it is surely a step towards the right direction. Israel has a long history with Cannabis and has been a world leader in the field of medical Cannabis research. Back in 1974, Israeli Professor, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam isolated Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid) for the first time in […]

Is Australia Going to Miss Out on the Cannabis Pie?

Australia has a long history of utilising hemp and cannabis for a wide range of purposes, including medical and industrial uses. Australia also possesses a huge opportunity for hemp and cannabis production due to its favourable climate and big arable land masses. Canada is in a similar (although not as favourable position) as Australia and […]