The April Barnes Story – How Cannabis Helped Me Getting My Life Back

The April Barnes Story - How Cannabis Helped Me Getting My Life Back

With so much life ahead of you, getting into a car accident is the last thing you would want to be… But it happened to me, an accident that left me in a horrible pain that was paralyzing. Many nights, I would be crying hysterically for the excruciating pain in my back. And to calm […]

The German Reaction To The ICBC

The German Reaction To The ICBC

The ICBC’s first Berlin conference was impressively organized and attracted a highly credentialed, international crowd. Held in a central Berlin hotel with conference capabilities (including translation booth), it was easily comparable in professional services and aplomb as the American and Canadian industry reps could expect at home. However, there was a difference too. This is […]

Joints vs. Blunts vs. Spliffs: What’s Best For You?

How do you like to consume your weed? Joints vs Blunts vs Spliffs remains an everyday debate among cannabis consumers, despite the ever-growing ways of medicating with cannabis. Due to the advancement in technology, vaporizing devices are flooding the Cannabis market nowadays. With their state of the art method of consuming the herb, people are flocking […]

What Is CBN?

What is CBN or Cannabinol

Cannabinol, or CBN, is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Like the “other” cannabinoids that are now being researched, CBN has a unique profile. It can be used effectively for pain relief and insomnia. It can work as both, an antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory. It also works as an anti-convulsive and […]

Cannabis Accessories You Must Have This Season

How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs-marijuana kief

For many people who takes medical Cannabis or who are simply into recreational Cannabis, they see Cannabis as a lifestyle. Having a Cannabis-infused lifestyle can be exciting and stylish all the same with Cannabis accessories since you can take the whole Cannabis experience into a much-personalized level. For states and nations wherein Cannabis is legal, […]