South Africa OK’s Home Use Of Cannabis

Just over a quarter of a century after Nelson Mandela walked out of prison and Apartheid ended, South Africa has now entered a new age of freedom. Home use of marijuana has now technically become legal. Marijuana was initially criminalized here at the turn of the last century as part of Imperial politics. As part […]

Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis

cannabis for multiple schlerosis

Cannabis used medically is beginning to be understood as literally one stop short of a wonder cure. For many people who suffer certain kinds of symptoms, in other words, cannabis either halts the progression of the disease or creates a biochemical response in the body that allows it to function more normally. Or both. Multiple […]

Bike Europe in Fall for Medical Cannabis Research

medical cannabis bike tour

As causes go, this one is absolutely a must. For those of you planning a trip this fall to Europe, the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is an activity you should absolutely plan on adding to the itinerary. This is not the first year of the tour. The group behind the idea kicked off the first […]

Cannabis Roots: The Most Underutilized Part of The Plant

Cannabis Roots

If you have ever grown cannabis, chances are you have taken every opportunity to maximize the plant’s goodness. But maybe you haven’t ever thought about the root. Or maybe you have but haven’t known what to do with it. The roots are in fact, a valuable piece of the plant. Many cultures have used cannabis […]