Is Marijuana the Answer for Asthma?

Is Marijuana the Answer for Asthma?

Asthma may sound like a simple health condition, but only the sufferers will know the intensity of this health condition. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder that is known to have caused 250,000 deaths, in 2011. Around 300 million people worldwide are affected by Asthma. In the ancient period, the wonder herb Marijuana was used […]

The Euro Cannabis Media Market

The Euro Cannabis Media Market

As canna reform begins to become more than a much-whispered reality in Europe, there are those who are obviously exploring new business ideas around it. One of the easiest, non-plant touching models to begin exploring, of course, has been media. For the past several years, mainstream media has begun to cover the industry in a […]

Spice – Synthetic Pot – Linked to Serious Health Effects

Spice – Synthetic Pot – Linked To Serious Health Effects

Synthetic marijuana – sometimes referred to as Spice, has been on the market since the beginning of the century. These compounds are also referred to as K2. According to a new review of existing studies, specialists are beginning to fear that they are also more dangerous than even originally thought. They have never been safe. […]

How Long Does Marijuana (THC) Stay in Your System?

smoking marijuana

There are drug tests that can detect marijuana in your blood, hair, urine, and saliva. By far the most common type of marijuana drug test is urine testing. In the United States, many employers require their employees to undergo a urine test to see if they’ve been using marijuana. This begs the question, how long […]

France Moves to Reform its Cannabis Laws

French cannabis laws

It is not the election of a centrist president that has the French breathing a bit easier. Marijuana reform is finally coming to France. French marijuana reform has moved slowly. Reform here has tended to be on the trailing end of EU regional reform. Next door to the immediate west, Spain has embarked on an […]

Mary Jane Cannabis Expo Succeeds in Berlin in 2017

Mary Jane Canna Expo Succeeds In Berlin In 2017

The ins and outs of politics, not to mention conventions around the weed are complicated just about everywhere. New groups and concerns if not conferences are starting to spring up everywhere. This is as true of the U.S. as it is elsewhere. But what is the face of the “new” industry in Germany – where […]