What Happens to Cannabis Seized by Police?

Have you ever wondered what happens to seized cannabis? How do police destroy confiscated cannabis and eradicated plants? Do police really smoke the marijuana they find? If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind, you are not alone. Most cannabis users and supporters ponder about these matters every once in awhile. Due to […]

Cyprus Government Approves Medical Cannabis Bill

The cabinet of Cyprus approved the medical cannabis bill on Wednesday (26 July 2017), that allows the cultivation and supply of medicinal marijuana on the beautiful southern European island of Cyprus. The Greek government has legalized medical cannabis earlier this month and fortunately, it did not take long for Cyprus to start their own legalisation process. […]

How Medical Cannabis Changes our Relationship with the Medical System?

Minnesota Marijuana Study

Medical cannabis has been making news around the world for many years. Story after story making headlines on how this plant changing the lives of patients with all sort of conditions. Terminally ill patients, who are left with no answers from modern medicine often find their way to medical cannabis and fortunately many of these […]

New Hampshire Decriminalizes Cannabis Possession


Following the events in Oregon last week, the latest US state to take a more rational approach to cannabis is New Hampshire. Changes were widely anticipated after the House of Representatives approved legislation in late May to decriminalize cannabis possession and reduce the penalty from a criminal misdemeanor to a civil violation. Last Tuesday, Governor Chris Sununu […]