Medicinal Marijuana Rolled Out in Uruguay

Uruguay's Experiment Legalization

19 December 2017 saw a difficult first day for medicinal cannabis in Uruguayan pharmacies. The day was marked by underwhelming sales, lots of criticism and a general lack of information. However there were many consultations, with a significant number of Uruguayans visiting pharmacies to ask if cannabis was a potential treatment for various ailments and […]

Year in Review – 2017 – The Most Progressive Year for Cannabis Law Reform

medicinal properties of CBD

2017 has been the most progressive year for cannabis law reform in history and things are just getting started. The year started with a lot of uncertainty around then incoming Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who is well known for his dislike of cannabis legalization. Despite the uncertainty, many positive events kept unfolding worldwide. The United […]

Colombian Medical Cannabis Firm, FCM Global Opens R&D Lab in Medellin Colombia

There is a huge demand for research and development in the medical cannabis space, mostly due to the fact that the US keeps it as a Schedule I substance and limits research in any ways it can. Money isn’t being spent in huge amounts by pharmaceutical companies on medical cannabis research either, mostly due to […]