Canadian Black Market: How Large Has the Illicit Marijuana Industry Became?

For the past several decades, Canada’s marijuana market has been regulated by street gangs, motorcycle clubs, and organized crime. While the market and government in tandem have taken large steps to making marijuana legalized, the illicit market has made many private groups billions in sales due to marijuana trafficking. Canada’s cannabis black market generated over […]

Cannabis as a Study Drug – A Case Study in Acing Capstones

Raise your hand if you’ve used drugs to help you study. Okay, I can’t see you, but I’ll assume that if you’ve gone to college, you’ve indulged in some sort of study drug. It might’ve been caffeine; it could have been a beer; perhaps you microdosed LSD if that’s your thing. For me, it was […]

Side Effects of the German Medical Cannabis Program – Short Supply and High Cost

Germany’s legal medical cannabis market keeps facing challenges ever since medical marijuana was legalized in March 2017. Availability and pricing of the drug have been the major issue for patients and their doctors. Initially, we reported here on Greendorphin that even though patients would not be able to home grow, the German government would cover […]

Aqua Hemp – Hemp Growing in Permaculture at Virgin Hemp Farms in Australia

Hemp foods were finally made legal in Australia last November (2017) and farmers around the country are looking at how they could incorporate the miracle plant into their business. Producing seeds and fibre in a traditional way is what most farmers are interested in. Hemp is a very useful plant to fit into their crop […]