How to Approach Your Doctor About Prescribing Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief

How to Approach Your Doctor About Prescribing Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief

Medical marijuana can have wonderful effects on many conditions including chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Many patients become tired of prescription medications and their side-effects, so they consider switching to a more natural form of pain management. The marijuana plant is made of over 100 chemicals, but the two we focus on the most […]

CBD Oil for Pain Management: Advantages & Uses

back pain - CBD oil for pain management

In recent years the use of the cannabis plant has become quite popular in the US and Canada. The use of medical marijuana has been legalized in the majority of the American states, while some states have even legalized the recreational use of marijuana. CBD is actually one of many compounds called cannabinoids that are […]

What is a Decarboxylater, And How Can You Use it to Make Edibles at Home

What is a Decarboxylater?

Plan on using cannabis in edibles? Outstanding! Edibles are a great way to enjoy your favorite herb and with a virtually endless number of recipes and preparations to choose from, there is no doubt something for literally everyone. Not so Fast there But before you go throwing in some dry herb or concentrate into your […]

Common Maladies Cannabis Can Treat

Maladies Cannabis Can Treat

Medical marijuana has been around for centuries, but it’s only recently that scientists have begun to test it as a real-world, doctor-approved treatment method. Maladies Cannabis Can Treat If you’re curious about what cannabis can do, here are just a few examples of illnesses and diseases that it can treat. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inflammatory bowel […]

How CBD Helps Tissue Inflammation

CBD Helpful for tissue inflammation

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is famously anti-inflammatory. Produced by the cannabis plant, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is just one of many. Its ability to fight inflammation so effectively, right at the cellular level deep within tissues, is a primary reason for its promise in both pathological circles, and even athletic ones. Science is finding […]

7 Ways to Keep Marijuana Fresh for Longer

Keep Marijuana Fresh

Summary: Damp conditions, light, molds and extreme temperature can kill the quality of your weeds. Learn here how to keep it fresh and tasty for longer. How Do You Store Marijuana? Do you leave it open on the table? Do you keep the strains in the refrigerator? Or are they stored in a plastic pouch? […]