Smoking Jacket: 4 Fashionable Looks for Your Cannabis Lifestyle

cannabis liefstyle

A cannabis lifestyle can be one that’s chock-full of relaxation and ease. Those are things that the vast majority of people want. If you want to revel in a cannabis lifestyle, then it can help you greatly to dress the part. Fortunately, there are all kinds of stylish looks that can assist you with your […]

Druglawed Released in New Format – USB Wristband

Druglawed USB Wristband

The international “Druglawed” documentary series has spanned nine countries so far, and in order to finance the next phase of production in the USA and Canada, we have released a new product containing all fifteen existing episodes of the series onto a silicon USB wristband. Druglawed Series 1 has been available on DVD since 2015, […]

4 Tips for Using Cannabis to Alleviate Your Mental Illness

Using Cannabis for Mental Illness

With recent discoveries of cannabis medical benefits, more states throughout the US and countries around the globe are legalizing the use of marijuana altogether. While cannabis has been known to treat glaucoma, seizures, and even symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s, it can also assist with treating mental illnesses and chemical imbalances in the brain. […]

4 Simple Reasons to Try CBD Today

try CBD

Are you on the fence about trying CBD? Have friends and family shared their positive experiences and peaked your interest? If you’re unsure about trying CBD products in UK, this article is for you! From what to expect and where to shop to reasons for giving this beneficial herb a try, we’ve got you covered. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice

Welcome! You’re new to the world of CBD and might be feeling completely overwhelmed by all of your options. From e-juice and edibles to topical creams and tinctures, there are countless ways to enjoy the many benefits of CBD has to offer. This article is designed for vaping newbies. Does the thought of inhaling CBD […]

Why You Want to Use Cannabutter in Your Dishes

use cannabutter

Cannabutter is one of the most popular cannabis products especially among those who love cannabis-infused cookies, brownies, cakes, soups, pastas and dishes or simply edibles. This product is a common kitchen ingredient to make cannabis edibles. But if you’re planning to make it yourself, you can check out the following for an easy recipe and […]