cannabis tea

The Benefits of Cannabis Tea

There’s no denying the fact that not everyone who wants to experience the health benefits of cannabis—wants to smoke weed. Drinking cannabis as a tea allows you to get your desired dose of weed without … Read more

cannabis seed with sprout - plant cannabis seeds

How to Plant Cannabis Seeds

Once your cannabis seeds have been germinated, it’s time to plant them into a growing medium. Germination may take about 48 hours. You will know your seeds are ready to plant when you begin to … Read more

Is It Safe to Use Marijuana During Pregnancy?

Is CBD Oil Safe for Pregnant Women?

The use of medicinal marijuana has been in the news for quite some time together with its potential to treat a whole range of ailments, including anxiety, muscle pain and nausea – symptoms that are … Read more

Parkinson’s disease

CBD and Parkinson’s Disease

Over the past few years, rigorous research in the field of alternative medicine and natural plants has resulted in amazing, wide-ranging health benefits. Among the most studied diseases and their treatments is Parkinson’s Disease, and … Read more