Best CBD Strain for Inflammation

cannabis strains for focus - CBD strain

Chronic inflammation affects a lot of people globally, leaving them with ongoing discomfort. Luckily, CBD’s therapeutic properties may offer some pain relief to suffering persons. Many people use CBD for various reasons, including inflammation treatment. However, with so many high-CBD strains hitting the market today, it can be challenging to choose the one for inflammation […]

Medical Marijuana Benefits for Beginners

medical marijuana benefits

Are you stuck in the past and still think that marijuana is all negative? Are you new to medicinal marijuana and want to know if it is actually beneficial or if it is just a hoax? The medical marijuana industry has brought a lot of benefits to people. Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes […]

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Indoor Grow Room with VPD

Setting up The Grow Room

If your mission is to grow the highest quality cannabis plants then you are in the right place. Heard about vapour pressure deficit (VPD) but not sure how it can benefit your grow room? Let’s fix that right now! It may seem that you already have enough on your plate without adding any more to […]

Hemp Seed Oil Vs. CBD Oil: Similarities, Differences & Uses

consuming CBD: hemp seed oil vs. CBD oil

The popularity of CBD oil as a plant-based product has grown substantially in the last few years. However, as a relatively new product, many consumers are still unfamiliar with cannabidiol oil and assume that hemp seed oil is the same thing. While CBD oil and hemp seed oil are derived from hemp, the two have […]

The Pandemic: The Ideal Time to Grow Top Quality Pot

taking CBD during lockdown of the pandemic

Since the pandemic began, life for most of us has been very different. Although a lot of people have spent the majority of their free time staring at their smart devices or watching television, others have been more constructive. With scientists and politicians pleading with us to stay indoors, lots of cannabis enthusiasts have been […]

Everything You Need to Know About 710 Labs

CBD Extraction - CBD concentrates by 710 Labs

When it comes to the cannabis concentrate game, 710 Labs is the OG that hash connoisseurs love worldwide. This brand is known for specializing in a broad spectrum of cannabis extracted products such as solvent, solventless, and cannabis juice. But aside from these, 710 Labs also produces flowers that are renowned industry-wide. As a fan-favorite […]