5 Non-alcoholic Cannabis-infused Drinks You Must Try

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Today, we can easily see cannabis-infusion cuisine in notable restaurants and avid chefs but historically, cannabis cookery was prevalent in South Asia as early as the 15th century. Countries like India popularized a beverage called Bhang in 1580, a product from experimenting with cannabis plants, which at the time was often an ingredient for traditional medicine.

Cannabis-infused beverages are also very much available to this day and age, ranging from fresh juices and sodas to sophisticated cocktails and spirits. Considerably healthier than smoking, the goal for cannabis-infused drinks is to create the perfect venue for consumption, while enhancing the social experience at light gatherings. Home-made recipes are available online, but extracting methods may require intricate knowledge and effort, and can become a tedious process altogether. The alchemy behind cannabis-infused spirits can also be quite jarring to experiment with for the beginner stoner.

Here are our top 5 non-alcoholic drink picks…

1. Sprig

Cannabis-infused beverage

To go with the beat of summer when it comes soon, we suggest you crack open a Sprig, the THC-infused soda hailing from South California. Made from CO2 extracts and organic cane sugar, it has a light citrus taste similar to a Fresca and packs a neat amount of 15mg of THC per 12-oz can, and alternatively, a higher dosage of 45mg per 12-oz can. Contrastingly, baked edibles tend to have more THC content than advisable dosages, which makes their high challenging to gauge when ingested. Because of Sprig’s relatively low dosage compared to most edibles, creator Michael Lewis was determined to advocate safe and light-use for veteran and inexperienced stoners alike. They want their market to feel safe whenever they purchase and drink their product as if they bought it at the grocery store. Brewed by chemists and beverage experts, the creators wasted no effort in the drink’s minimalistic, subtle branding too- a nice touch that will truly make anybody Smile More.

2. Canna Cola

For the brave and whimsical, you can take a swig of Canna Cola. Available in 5 flavors (Classic, Dr. Pepper, Orange, Grape and Lemon Lime), Canna Cola CEO Clay Butler is very straight to the point about his promulgation of eradicating the stigma behind cannabis consumption, especially when it comes to medically prescribed patients. Clad in outrageous colors and named explicitly after marijuana strains, he wanted his customers to smile and feel elated whenever they picked up a bottle and celebrate in its blatant humor. While undoubtedly delicious, you ought to take it easy on the gulps as bottles are at an astounding 12-oz. Drink responsibly!

3. Zasp

Cannabis-infused beverages

If the fizzy rush isn’t to your palate’s liking, rejuvenate with juices from Zasp. While measured at a mere 8.4 oz per bottle, don’t be fooled, it has one of the highest THC potencies on our list. Championing a solid range from 30mg to a whopping 240mg. Now say that last figure without flinching or passing out. With great power comes great responsibility: the drink’s packaging quaintly has all the basic information about its origin and properties, and even a dosage instructions based on a timeline for recommended intake. Available in 4 fruit flavors, the drink is likewise made of organic sugars, minus the fizzle. Definitely, one of the stronger contenders to give you one clean high. Though purposely crafted for extended and multiple uses, even we would be excited to get our hands on this. Just remember to proceed with caution.

4. Catapult Coffee

Cannabis-infused coffee

Start the morning right with the perfect all-in-one wake n’ bake experience with Fairwinds’ Catapult Coffee. Originating from Canada, Fairwinds founder James Hull took to both his horticultural and technological passions to a whole new level. He takes pride in their cutting edge THC extraction methods using top of the line computer systems and advanced filtration technology to bringing you the finest edibles in the known market. The coffee itself Northwestern local, and infused with Hull’s own herbal cultivations. His next goal is to catapult their coffee to Starbucks levels, getting their customers to think Catapult when it comes to cannabis-infused coffee. With a modest amount of 10mg per serving, it may as well also be “the coffee you can drink before bed to help you sleep,” he said.

5. Subtle Tea

Cannabis-infused teas

We saved our favorite name for last, and we implore that you end your long grueling day with Subtle Tea. This makes our top pick because infusing cannabis with tea is ingenious for the gentle high and the remedial properties of herbal tea in general. It also leaves enough room for imagination to tinker around with your brew; add a dash of milk if you would like to increase its potency besides adding a creamy touch to your cup. Letting it steep for a longer period will make the infusion of cannabis more powerful. Right off the bat, it is one of the more versatile beverages on our list, which in theory is not so subtle.


Infusing cannabis in beverages is only a keyhole into the countless possibilities that marijuana can pose to do in our daily lives. In beverages, we can widen the scope into the responsible consumption of cannabis, because portions alone are regulated for safe intake, and standardized for repeat production. It’s also perfect for social gatherings and just elevates the cannabis experience to a subtle and safe practice. We dream of the day when beverages such as these become widely distributed around the globe, to which we clink our glasses in celebration. With prevailing efforts and technology, that day may not be so far away.

Do you have other non-alcoholic cannabis-infused drinks in mind that you would like to include on the list?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Marco Ignacio

Marco Ignacio

He is 23 years old, currently juggling jobs as a business developer and copywriter. He enjoys a morning bowl to kickstart his day and another bowl to cap off the night… And probably a couple more throughout the day. He’s very passionate about cannabis and has high hopes that it gets legalized all over the world one day.

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  1. Have you heard of Tinley 27? This is a dealcoholized drink k which is then infused with THC. They have a margarita mixer and then they also have a jamaican rum with THC and no alcohol. Other flavours include an Amaretto and possibly a gin.

    1. They also have healthy functional drink with CBD called Hemplify that can be found in the US. They are based out of Cali and are called Tinley Beverage Co. These drinks will turn the world on its head

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