9 Must Know Benefits of Vaporizing Cannabis

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Vaping devices are gradually gaining popularity in the market today. More and more traditional smokers are now transitioning from smoking to vaporizing.

First-hand vapers, as well as medical organizations, substantiate that vaporizing cannabis has numerous benefits.

What are Vaporizers?

Portable Vaporizers

Vaporizers are devices that are designed to heat herbs well below their combustion point to release their beneficial properties in the form of a vapor.

Unlike traditional smoking, using vaporizers does not involve burning or combustion of herb products.

And given that vaporizers don’t burn herbs, they do not give off tar and all the other kind of impurities that can cause health problems and undesirable odors with smoking.

How Do Vaporizers Work?

As mentioned above, vaporizers do not involve combustion. Primarily, the herb materials are heated at temperatures ranging between 190 to 450 Fahrenheit  (90 to 240 Celsius).

Upon reaching their vaporization point, the herbs release their beneficial properties as vapor. The vapor is then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece and Lavender

There are two ways of heating herb products to produce vapor. One is the process of conduction and the other is the process of convection.

With the conduction process, herb products are vaporized using direct heat. However, possible combustion or burning of the herb products may occur.

To avoid this, the correct temperature should be set to regulate the heat emitted by the vaporizer.

Convection, on the other hand, does not involve direct heating of herbs. Instead, evenly heated airflow passes through the dried herbs to produce vapor. With this method, users get the most out of their herbs.

Conduction versus Convection

What are the Benefits of Vaping?

1. Healthier alternative

Cannabis is only one of the many herbs used in vaporizing. Surely the most popular, however, there are many other herbs that can be used with vaporizers.

As we’ve mentioned, vaping herbs does not involve combustion, so it does not produce smoke that contains carcinogens and tar, known to cause lung-related diseases.

The South African born psychiatrist Michael Russell, made this clear in his lifelong research project that with cigarettes it is the tar that kills not the nicotine.

With vaporizing there is no, or very low amount of tar produced. And this is quickly noticed upon switching from smoking to vaporizing cannabis.

This also significantly improves breathing over time, especially if you have a regular exercise routine.

Vaporizing Cannabis with Prima

2. Ultimate discretion

Herbs including cannabis, produce no smoke and odor when vaporized. With no smoke and odor, the use of vaping devices is preferred by many cannabis users who want to take their hits anytime and anywhere.

Discretion is important for most cannabis users, largely due to the stigma that still surrounds the cannabis plant.

3. You can actually taste the flavor of the strains

Many people are turned off by cannabis, often due to the bad experience of smoking a joint. Inhaling smoke for nonsmokers isn’t fun.

Given that vaping does not involve burning the herbs, the flavor that you get is not comparable to the negative experience of smoking them.

Terpenes are the particles mostly responsible for flavors in your buds. They are also therapeutic alongside the cannabinoids.

While burning the plants for smoking, most if not all the terpenes are ‘killed’ straight away. With vaporizing, you get a full taste of the bud as most of the terpenes are present when they enter your mouth and lungs. 

With vaporizers, you can truly enjoy the different Cannabis strains’ real flavor, while with smoking they all taste like smoke.

Crafty Vaporizer - vaporizing cannabis

4. You use less cannabis with a vaporizer to get the same effect

The initial investment in a vaporizer is higher compared to what you would spend on smoking paper or a bong. However, in the long run, you can actually turn your investment into substantial savings.

This is because when vaporizing, only a minimal amount of herbs is needed to be vaporized to get a satisfying hit and all the medicinal benefits.

As I referred to it above, with smoking, the burning temperature kills off most terpenes and cannabinoids. Killing the THC and CBD molecules is not the desired outcome.

When vaporizing cannabis, the lower temperature treats these molecules a lot more gently, so you are actually getting more from less.

5. Ease of use

Having a vaporizer on hand makes it simple and easy to use cannabis. With a vaporizer, you can just fill its chamber in with dry herbs or concentrates and in no time, you can start to draw your hits.

CloudV Terra Portable Vaporizer

Whereas with smoking, you need to roll a joint before you can enjoy your cannabis.

6. Customizable

Vaporizers can be customized to meet each user’s preference when vaping.

Unlike in smoking, what you see is what you get, and reaching a certain effect from the herbs would solely depend on how much you consume.

Vaporizers have the technology to change temperature and power settings, to produce the desired amount of vapor and flavor.

Arizer Air and Solo Portable Vaporizers

7. Feeling ‘lighter’ while using Cannabis

Most users claimed that they are more functional after vaping herbs than when smoking them.

This maybe because vaping does not produce hazardous smokes, which in turn provides a more clear-headed high.

8. Portability and convenience

With most portable vaporizers, they come in compact small sizes. These make them handy and fit perfectly in pockets.

Having that convenience, portable vapes are the best devices for people on the go, who do not want to be restrained from puffing their herbs anywhere and anytime they like.
Arizer Air Temperature Levels

9. No more second-hand smoke problems

Given that vaping herbs does not produce odor and smoke, using this in the presence of others does not pose any health risks to anyone.

Now that you’ve learnt all about vaping, you’re probably wondering what the best vape on the market is? We’d recommend the Volcano Vaporizer System.

The Volcano Vape isn’t exactly portable as such, but the build quality and the results you get are well worth the very little downsides it comes with.

For more information, read through the guide on VolcanoVape.org.

Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to make that big switch and live healthier this new year?

Living healthy and longer is a choice, and the power is in your hand to start that journey now.

Do you have hesitation to give up that joint and switch to vaporizing cannabis?

Share your thoughts with our community.


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