All About Marijuana Wax

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Have you heard or used marijuana wax? It is a popular and widely- used cannabis concentrate and if you are wanting to try it, take a moment to find out more about it and how to use it.

Marijuana wax or cannabis wax is another form of cannabis concentrate that was recently introduced in the cannabis industry. It bears a reputation of providing the ultimate high.

What is Marijuana Wax?

cannabis concentrates-marijuana wax

Marijuana wax is claimed to be the purest cannabis concentrate available on the market today, having almost 99% THC content. Its effect is so strong that a pin sized serving of cannabis wax has a psychoactive upshot similar to one full hit of a marijuana joint.

The marijuana wax has an appearance similar to honey and has a consistency of a lip balm. It has several known names in the market, honeycomb, wax and butter. It is made from the extracted oil from the cannabis plant. And can be consumed mixed with edibles or can be smoked with the use of a bong or a vaporizer. Others rub it on their lips and gums.

How is Marijuana Wax Made?

Warning: Marijuana wax is extremely dangerous to manufacture. It is not for amateur chemists and definitely not advisable to make without taking safety precautions.

Buds of the cannabis plant are compressed into a tube and fired with butane, a highly combustible liquid. The heat produced by the butane extracts oils from the cannabis plant, producing highly concentrated THC extract. The end product would appear as a dense wax-like material with strong psychoactive effects.

Reports of explosions were made when handling butane to extract cannabis wax. But the most hazardous effect is inhaling the fumes produced during extraction. The area should be properly ventilated and fumigated to prevent any health hazards. This is also the reason why this procedure should not be performed at home.

Using Marijuana Wax

marijuana wax


Dabbing is a form of consuming Cannabis heating up Cannabis concentrates on a very hot surface, preferably Marijuana wax. The dabbing method would require a certain metal loader. It is then attached to a bong. Dabbing Marijuana wax also promotes a healthier and smoother Cannabis intake.

To know more about dabbing cannabis, please check out our article Did You Know Vaping and Dabbing Cannabis is The New Trend.

Vaporizing Pens

This is one of the most discreet ways to consume cannabis wax. It produces little to no odor.The wax is filled into the vape pen’s atomizer and with the correct temperature and power setting, an exceptionally strong kick will be attained. And similar to other vaporizers, cannabis wax will be converted to vapor and not burn the concentrate.

Bongs or Water Pipes

Bongs are either made of glass or plastic materials. It serves as a filtration device used to smoke cannabis, tobacco and other herbal products.

Marijuana wax or dab is packed in the bong’s bowl. The tubular part where the mouthpiece is, is then filled with water. When smoking the wax, you have to burn the dab from the bong’s bowl and inhale the bubbles from the mouthpiece. A blow torch or a stoker can be used to burn the dab.


Marijuana wax can be packed in a lip balm container. With its buttery consistency, this concentrate can easily take any shapes and forms of containers.

Posing as a lip balm, ultimate discretion can be attained when using the marijuana wax. Most people rub it on their lips, other spread it out on their gums or mix it with their food.

Rolled Joint

For seasonal smokers, marijuana wax is mixed with dried cannabis, roll it, and draw satisfying puffs.

Effects of Marijuana Wax

vaping cannabis oils-marijuana wax


It was claimed that marijuana wax contains more than 80% THC. This is extremely high. And as result, after smoking or vaporizing cannabis wax, the effects are felt instantaneously. The psychoactive effects are also intense. And since it has extremely high amounts of THC, only a small amount is needed to achieve your preferred high.

Highly Hallucinogenic

When dealing with marijuana wax, expect a stronger and more rapid high. As mentioned above, it contains high amounts of THC, causing fast and stronger effects. If taken more than what you can bear, marijuana wax may cause temporary psychotic breaks, hallucinations, anxiety and can even worsen the symptoms of people with schizophrenia.

Purity is Essential

Marijuana wax should only be manufactured by people who has expertise in handling cannabis extraction using butane. If poorly manufactured, butane residues may not be fully filtered and will remain present in the concentrate. As a result, possible traces of butane may be inhaled to the lungs and may cause serious health hazards.

Medicinal Alternative

Some medical facilities are already introducing marijuana wax for anaesthetic purposes. The cannabis wax is specifically being offered to patients with high tolerances for pain relievers. With its high dosage of THC, marijuana wax provides higher potency and a more intense sense of being high. And each medical facilities’ primary concern is the purity of the substance. Unless the marijuana wax is of high quality, meaning highly-filtered without any traces of butane, it will be considered as a toxin rather than a medicine. Medical patients have weak immune system and consumption of low-quality marijuana waxes may pose more health risks.

The Real Deal

Marijuana waxes are rapidly making its way in the cannabis industry due to its reputation of having the highest potency among all cannabis products. However, dangerous health risks are also being considered.

With the use of butane as its main component in extraction, it is impeccable to that marijuana wax should only be acquired from a reputable company to ensure its purity and safety of use. And since it is highly hallucinogenic, marijuana waxes should be heavily regulated to prevent possible psychotic breaks to its users.

Would you substitute vaporized herbs with marijuana wax concentrate?

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