How to Approach Your Doctor About Prescribing Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief

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Medical marijuana can have wonderful effects on many conditions including chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Many patients become tired of prescription medications and their side-effects, so they consider switching to a more natural form of pain management.

The marijuana plant is made of over 100 chemicals, but the two we focus on the most are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Both help reduce pain and nausea. CBD also helps reduce seizures and some mental disorders like anxiety and depression while THC can improve appetite.

THC is the psychoactive compound that creates the “high” people expect, so it is often more concentrated in recreational marijuana than you’ll find it in medical marijuana.

Having a conversation about prescribing medical marijuana with your doctor can be tough. You might feel like you’re asking for something illegal or dangerous, but doing some research and talking to your physician can help.

Do Your Research Beforehand

You should have a full understanding of your condition and the origin of your pain before you ask for medical marijuana.

Many people often accept prescription pain relievers because they assume the doctor knows what’s best, but you have to understand your condition wholeheartedly and explore what’s right for you.

The more you understand about how your condition causes chronic pain, the better you’ll be able to decide whether or not medical marijuana is a good choice.

Medical Marijuana Doctor

You should also research different cases of medical marijuana being used to treat your symptoms. Then, you’ll be able to bring these examples up to your doctor.

You should also make sure that medical marijuana is approved in your state.

Start a Discussion

Rather than simply asking a yes or no question, meet with your primary doctor and talk about what you’re going through.

Explain your symptoms, the effect they’re having on your life and how you’ve managed them thus far. Then, let your doctor know that you’ve heard about medical marijuana and would like to know their thoughts on it.

Pain management is an ongoing conversation; you may need something else as your body builds up a tolerance to prescription drugs or your symptoms change over time.

Be Open to Alternatives

Your doctor may recommend other forms of pain relief before they are willing to send you to a dispensary with your prescription.

Do not feel defeated right away. Instead, ask them why they are making these alternative suggestions. Do not be afraid to question their reasoning with questions like, “Have you been prescribing medical marijuana to other patients with my symptoms? What were the results?”

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Your Pain Relief Journey

The right doctor is vital to feeling empowered on your journey to pain relief. Injuries and chronic health conditions can make us feel helpless and even unheard.

Make sure that you fully trust your doctor and feel comfortable having these types of conversations with them.

If you feel like your doctor does not understand your perspective, make an appointment with them and have a discussion.

If that does not resolve the issue, it’s okay to take control of your health care and find a different doctor that makes you feel more understood and respected.

Have you had a conversation about prescribing medical marijuana with your doctor? Share your experience in the comments below! 

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