Australian Magistrate Hands Down Non-Conviction to Man Caught Growing 12 Cannabis Plants for Ill Father

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In a somewhat remarkable turn Wagga Local Court magistrate, Michael Crompton handed down a non-conviction good behaviour bond.

The young man facing the magistrate was still grieving his father he lost to the terminal illness that he was trying to cure him from with the use of medical cannabis. His father was fighting multiple cancers and he was solely growing the plants for the purpose of making cannabis oil to treat him.

The accused Riverina man’s solicitor, Rod Kennedy told the Daily Advertiser that the circumstances made it obviously clear that the sole purpose of the cultivation was to aid the accused’s ill father.

“It’s a matter where there was no suggestion of monetary gain and no suggestion he was doing it for any purpose other than what he told police,” Mr Kennedy said to the Daily Advertiser.

young medical cannabis plant

Mr Kennedy also mentioned that his client has been very cooperative with the police, and he even allowed them to his premises without a search warrant.
Magistrate Michael Crompton showed remarkable compassion, empathy and understanding of the harmfulness and safety of the cannabis plant by the common sense decision of not convicting the young man for the heroic act.

It is a very promising step in the right direction, however, this is still an exemption as the outdated laws rely too heavily on the magistrate’s compassion and understanding of cannabis.

Recently, a magistrate in Lismore handed down jail sentences to young men caught with selling cannabis in the town of Nimbin, hence seeing a magistrate to apply common sense in this case at the Wagga Local Court, was a nice surprise.

Police in Nimbin

Change might be around the corner though as following this landmark ruling, local Riverina Labour candidate, Tim Kurylowicz was quoted acknowledging the magistrate for making the right choice.

“The magistrate chose not to punish someone for helping a dying man and good on him … We need the government to change the law rather than relying on the good conscious of our judges to protect people.” Mr Kurylowicz was quoted saying.

There seems to be a growing support for a change in cannabis policy by the Labour party in Australia and this landmark court decision is giving fuel to local Labour.

“The government might support it in principle but not in legislation – which is where it counts, … We’re also missing out on the potential benefit of a whole new industry.” Mr Kurylowicz said to the Daily Advertiser.

This is a very legitimate and growing concern among Australians. Obviously, seeing children and elderly suffering due to the lack of availability of cannabis medication is heartbreaking, however, many Aussies are also concerned about the government ignoring the perhaps once in a lifetime benefits of the growing cannabis industry.

Seeing what is happening in Canada, how they are building a multi-billion dollar industry on the back of the ‘early mover’s advantage’, Aussies are obviously concerned about why their government is so willing to miss out.

Cannabis Stocks Drop on Canada Marijuana Legalization Delay News

Despite the overwhelming evidence and public support, the government seems to be lagging far behind the public in its understanding of cannabis and the opportunity that Australia could have … only if it moved in time.

Bluegreen Economics, a Brisbane, Australia-based economic consulting firm has put a proposal through to the Queensland government, titled “The Economic and Social Benefits and Costs of Legalising Recreational Cannabis in Queensland: A preliminary examination“

Neither the governing Labour party nor the opposition has shown any interest in the proposal. While the Queensland economy and majority of the residents would love the politicians to further consider such a promising proposal.

Please share your thoughts and views on this topic below. 

Krisztian Panczel

Krisztian Panczel

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