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I am a firm believer in the herbal use and an advocate for recreational marijuana. My wife of over forty years, who abstains for her own reasons, and I have been living on the farm for nearly as long as we have been married. We have five successful adult children to be proud of. I was educated in Agriculture/ Horticulture at the OAC at the University of Guelph where I graduated with honors. I worked in many different farm occupations and silviculture, and am a firm believer in organic farming and cultural practices that are eco-friendly and safe for people. I also advocate mixed farming that includes livestock and crop production. I have developed some of my own innovations in plant husbandry that came out of years of experience and observation and tempered with advanced training in agric/hort. Science. I feel it is important to re-educate people about marijuana, expose the “snow job” that it has been a victim of, for almost a hundred years in North America. “It will be a tough row to hoe”, but we are determined to bring the truth to cannabis and its positive effects when grown in natural environments.

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