Best Portable Bongs of 2018

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Everyone deserves a good hit, after all, it is every stoner’s right. But things can get a little tough when you don’t have good accessories at your disposal. The most important of which is the bong.

It’s always a good idea to carry around a portable bong to get stoned on the go.

The mini bong you want for portable use comes in a small form factor to carry around and travel with easily. But how should you go about purchasing a portable bong?

Portable bongs should be extra durable because accidents can happen; they might fall, etc. during a rough ride. The pipe should be sturdy enough to easily carry around and smoke. The portable bong should allow you to take hits in different ways and different environments without the fear of breaking.

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And since you’re carrying the mini bong in front of a group of friends, it shouldn’t look too barebones either. Your portable bong should look beautiful and inspire others around you.

Thanks to our friends at Smokesmith Gear here is a list of some of the best portable bongs of 2018.

Swigg Egg Glass Bong – 9 Inches

Turbine percolating bongs are not easy to carry around. Since they have the potential of giving the strongest hits, marijuana users can quickly begin to miss them. But this is where the Swigg Egg Glass Bong serves a useful purpose.

You can expect the strongest of hits without even worrying about the Swiss Egg Glass Bong tipping over, thanks to its mighty wide round base.
A turbine percolator is attached to the small bong, giving you consistent results.

Stereo to J-Hook Barrel Perc Water Pipe

What makes this mini bong unique is its dual chamber design, exactly the thing you need for percolation and filtration. The Stereo to J-Hook also comes with a bent neck, which prevents water from bobbling into your mouth.

The water pipe is manufactured from the finest borosilicate glass for added durability. It is incredibly small, can be used anywhere and gives the strongest hits.

Bongs that have thin glasses are prone to getting broken because of the immense pressure. The J-Hook barrel won’t break anytime soon. Just don’t expect it to satisfy a large group of people. Only 1 to 2 people can (and should) use it at the same time.

Glass Mini Bong with 10mm Male Joint

This miniature bong has one of the smallest glasses on the market and still gets the job done. It comes with a 10 mm male join (as the name suggests) coupled with a 10 mm glass bowl. What makes the Glass Mini Bong special is its round base, which helps users try different positions without toppling it over.

To ensure that you get the strongest hit, the double reinforced built-in downstem has several features seamlessly functioning behind the scenes, the most important of these include diffusion and filtration.

Inline Dual Action Bubbler – 12 Inches

This dual action inline bong comes straight out of Grav Labs. Despite being fully portable, the mini bong comes with a fully fledged percolator. It has a unique design thanks to the straight body and honeycomb disc, giving it full marks in the design category.

More importantly, its wide base is easy to use. The glass is held together by science-grade borosilicate glass, which means it won’t break easily.

Coil Showerhead Mini Bong – 13 inches

Coil Showerhead Mini Bong – 13 inches

At first glance, the coil showerhead’s minimalistic design will fool you. But behind its simplicity is an unusually effective water pipe system on the market. The coil showerhead is another product from Grav Labs, which specialize in portable, mini and fully functional bongs.

The beaker base is wide at around 38 mm, which means it won’t topple easily.

Rubber Stealth Bong – It Won’t Break Ever

This ‘stealth’ bong by Roll-uh-Bowl will arguably give you the best bang for your buck. It won’t ever break down because it’s made out of rubber. What’s even more impressive is the small 8-inch bong, which is as small as bongs can be.

The bowl is small, but still gives you a couple of hits before running out of concentrates. This makes the rubber stealth bong ideal to carry around where ever you go.

Jane West Upright Bubbler

Jane West Beaker Bong – 10 inches

If you don’t want to spend lots of money on bongs but still want some of the strongest hits on the market, then this beautiful Jane West Beaker Bong is just the right tool for you.

Not only is it resistant to scratches and rough use, it comes in several bright colors for added personalization. The silicon bong is made with the toughest borosilicate glass tubing on the market.

Because of its affordability, the Jane West Beaker Bong can be considered as an ideal product for beginners.

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