The Ultimate Guide to Better Cannabis Cultivation for Business Owners

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Buying cannabis legally is a notable thing for cannabis connoisseurs, but growing it legally is a different and a whole new level. Up till recently, there was very little room for legally growing cannabis around the world. But with more countries legalizing the use of medical and recreational cannabis, there is a growing demand for it on the cannabis market and those already in production are looking at methods for better cannabis cultivation to stay ahead of the game.

Cannabis, despite its tainted history, is considered a miracle plant to some and can save millions of lives with its medicinal and therapeutic properties. Other than medicine, it can also provide food, shelter, and clothing with its many industrial uses and products.

So it is only natural that companies want to move into cannabis production and distribution and some existing companies are reaping the rewards in this booming industry. Equipped with experience, expensive machinery, state of the art technology and practical methods, these producers are dedicated to staying on top of the game.

The race to yield the highest quality cannabis is at stake, but cannabis cultivation is no walk in the park. There are a lot of variables that a farmer or producer must face when taking on cannabis cultivation.

In this article, I will talk about the best practices farmers use for better cannabis cultivation. Your ultimate guide into proper indoor and outdoor cannabis farming. Old and new techniques that yield the best quality and most quantity in each harvest will also be discussed.

It is specifically going to help business owners who are already in the market or entrepreneurs looking to enter the cultivation process.

If you are also thinking of exploring the art of better cannabis cultivation in your own home, read further on How to Grow Cannabis at Home.

LAWS regarding Cannabis in your area of operation

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“Ignorance of the law excuses no one.” — this line has been used numerous times in different outlets in society.

Laws are in place for a reason, to organise the masses and make sure that each person’s moral necessities are met.

If the law prohibits you from cultivating cannabis in your country, do not attempt to grow it, we do not want to see anyone in our community put at risk or in jail.

On the other hand, do not be discouraged. You can definitely contribute in legalizing cannabis in your country and getting this dream closer to reality! Putting back cannabis into its rightful place in the world.

It is very important to know the laws regarding cannabis cultivation in the area where you plan to grow. The last thing you would want is an unexpected raid, that would lead you to incarceration.

The STRAIN of Cannabis

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Long-time cannabis farmers, small or large, would have a specific strain which is their cash cow- the ‘cream of the crop”. This is usually the strain that you have spent most of your profession perfecting and or your best seller.

While for growers who are new to cannabis cultivation, concentrating on a specific strain of cannabis will help you understand the plant more. Numerous trials and errors with different plants will help you establish a routine and help you learn about the cultivation process first hand.

It is recommended to focus on a specific strain because Cannabis Strains differ in needs and so your work is increased with more strains. The needs vary via:

  • Seasonal needs
  • Amount of nutrients required
  • How you tend to them

Sticking to a strain will help growers understand the difference between what is healthy and what is not.

A lot of growers in the past have stuck to a specific strain for 10 – 15 years, where they are assured to produce the same quality product every time. Consistency is key in cannabis cultivation, once you get this down with one strain, you can move on to the next.

Better Lighting Solutions for INDOOR GROWS

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The most important thing you can do for your plants is providing them with the best light source as possible. Since cannabis, just like any plant would rely on light for its growth. There are different lighting options you can choose from that can help you yield the best crops possible. We will way down the pros and cons of the 3 best lighting options for you.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID)

This is the standard for indoor grow operations. It’s just like controlling the sun in your fingertips.

Fastens vegetative growth Usually is hot and loud
Best for large indoor rooms It is expensive equipment
Yields high harvest High Maintenance

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

This is the latest lighting technology available in the market today. It is energy efficient and produces the same light as HID. Tends to get hotter than HID though, so you might want to move this further from the plants.

Most advanced lighting technology Yields less than HID lights.
Produces quality cannabis LED systems can vary, depending on brand
A wide variety of LED options More expensive than HID

Compact Fluorescent Lights

Usually for small grows or growers on a budget. This light system does not heat as much as HID’s and LED’s do. It is best to keep them as close to the plant as possible.

Produces less heat Daily adjustments to keep your grow room consistent
Best for small indoor grows Not good for large scale grows
Bulbs are cheap and easy to replace Less energy- efficient

Growing Techniques

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Super Cropping Your Grows

Naturally, when the cannabis plants are stressed, they go on a hyper drive. They produce more of the plant’s flower (bud) as a last attempt to spread seeds. A defence mechanism that proves effective in nature.

Super cropping is a technique used to maximise your yield. It is the process of hurting your plant, bruising them, to trick them into producing more flower. The process of super cropping plants is done in its vegetative state.

Perpetual growing

Perpetual growing is the technique that utilizes multiple grow tents and areas for cultivating cannabis. These areas make sure that you always have 2 batches of growing cannabis, one in a flowering stage and one in a vegetative stage.

This proves to be an effective technique when growing since it will give you a 50/50 chance with every yield. The perpetual growing technique can help you in disaster recoveries, in case a batch gets infested with molds or pests.

This technique will also make sure you never run out of cannabis. Giving you high- profit margins while keeping you busy all year round.

The LOCATION and PLACE of Your Operation

Marijuana dispensary

The location and place of your grow operation will play a big role in the cultivation, production and distribution of your crop.


The best location for growing cannabis whether it is indoor or outdoor is ideally mountainous areas near water. These areas have just about the right temperatures and natural sunlight that can save you tons of energy.

Don’t CRAM them in

Some people tend to want to maximise the space of the indoor grow operation by filling in the area with as many plants as they can. But what growers tend to forget is that an efficient operation requires a well- balanced and healthy environment for the plants. This is so the crops are less prone to pests and diseases that might harm the entire field.

Don’t be afraid to get intimate

A golden rule for every grower to note whether it be for indoor or outdoor growing is to be able to put eyes on every single plant on a regular basis. To have an intimate relationship with every crop. If you know each plant in detail, you will be able to care for the plant to have it yield the best quality buds possible.


How the Global Economy will Change with the Legalization of Cannabis- article

Before technology and equipment, investing in the right people is the best way to achieve optimum quality work done. Growers who intend to make huge gains with cannabis cultivation, need to invest in experienced people who understands specifics such as:

  • Facilities
  • Maintaining environment parameters
  • Cost/benefits analysis of grow systems
  • Workflow management.

Stay on Top of Growing Trends

Because of the communication information age, there is always constant updates in the field of cannabis cultivation.

It is key to get updated with the latest trends that circulate within the community. This is to know the best advancements in materials and equipment, to have the most efficient technology, that is in order for you to have leverage when it comes to yielding the best quality buds possible.

Traditional methods to keep are totally fine, but there is always power in leverage.

Why do you think cannabis cultivation should be legal?

Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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