Tips to Buying Cannabis from Online Dispensaries in Canada

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If you are Canadian, you know what October 17th, 2018 means to cannabis culture in Canada.

That’s the day that recreational cannabis use became completely legalized and getting quality cannabis became a problem.

Not everyone is excited about legalization; medicinal users are now having issues accessing medical quality cannabis due to shortages in supply which are estimated to continue for years.

The shortage problem affects several provinces, but Ontario has the most significant issue with cannabis shortages.

Along with shortages comes a drop in product quality as all the corporate growers cut corners to get bud to market. Chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides are used as well as radiation to keep pests and fungus under control in their vast warehouse-sized grow rooms.

Don’t buy from the OCS online store because it’s chronically late and sells only the most corporate of weed.

British Columbia decriminalized cannabis ten years ago, so they’ve now had a decade to get the grow process and sales process down. That’s why it’s best for all consumers to purchase from online BC based dispensaries and have your cannabis mail ordered in 3 days.

Online Dispensaries Canada

Don’t get stuck without your supply, BC dispensaries are not experiencing shortages like we are in Ontario.

You can buy quality flower of every strain, edibles, concentrates, all the best quality and shipped safely with guaranteed shipping to your home. This is a fantastic option to get your hands on cheaper high-quality bud safely and discreetly.

One Thing Stands in the Way

The only thing standing in your way of ordering from MOM or mail order marijuana company is knowing if they will ship your product once you’ve paid and will the product be high quality and exactly as described?

This is where reviews come in handy; real customer reviews from trusted sources are the only way to know if an online cannabis retailer is legit or a fly by night shop. That’s why created the online dispensary review list for Canada.

Real Reviews by Customers and Professionals has made buying online cannabis simple by gathering the best options, testing them for shipping, quality, price, and choice and reporting back honestly about our experiences.

customer satisfaction

We place several orders with each online dispensary to verify that everything is above board for our readers. If you purchase from one of our recommended MOM’s you can be sure that you’ll get the product you paid for and that it will be top quality.

Readers of our online cannabis reviews save on average $50 on their first online order and get exactly what they paid for in 3 days.

We also spotlight the cost of shipping or if there are free shipping options. As well you can take advantage of our exclusive coupon codes which we release from time to time that increase your savings on your first purchase.

One thing is for sure the online cannabis market is growing rapidly. This gives greater choice to the consumer but invites unscrupulous people into the fold. You shouldn’t buy cannabis or cannabis products online unless you’ve read our reviews.

Bud Durden

Bud Durden

Cannabis grower and writer

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