Can CBD Flowers Intoxicate You?

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CBD flowers are a new sensation among 420 enthusiasts but it is always wise to educate yourself before using a product.

We live in an age where people use drugs for their medicinal values and not just to get high.

Drugs that can get you high are usually psycho-active which might feel soothing for a while but can get you into a lot of health issues later on.

Needless to say that most of these drugs are illegal and not commercially available for the general public. Apart from knowing these generic details, it’s time that you dive in a little deeper and get into the specifics.

Understand How CBD Differs from THC

CBD and THC are the major cannabinoid groups that are present in cannabis crops. But their properties and the effects that they have on your body are totally different from each other.

Each of these compounds affects two different sets of receptors in your brain. THC would give you a feeling like you’re floating over the ground which is usually what people assume when they hear the word marijuana.

CBD, on the other hand, would have no such effect. But on the flip side, it can have a lot of positive impacts on your body and mind.


Can CBD Get You High?

Make no mistake, CBD has a huge impact on your mood but it is highly unlikely for you to get high while using it.

Smoking CBD flowers could also lead to mild psychoactive effects but it is not nearly as intoxicating as THC.

THC can offer you a euphoric effect and alter your space-time perception whereas CBD de-stresses you and makes you feel relaxed.

For example CBD Moon Rocks, a common CBD strain also has a really small amount of THC but their levels are too low for a person to notice.

Can CBD Intoxicate You?

The scientific research done on the compound is still not so clear but various doctors around the world suggest that CBD can relieve you of anxiety and insomnia.

CBD can alter your mood just like THC but their effects are poles apart. Smoking CBD flowers can provide you with a deep sense of relaxation but it doesn’t mess with your sensory perceptions.

To put it in perspective, even though both of these compounds are psychoactive, CBD is incapable of getting you intoxicated.

How Does It Actually Work?

Now, it is clear that CBD cannot intoxicate you, let’s understand how it actually interacts with our body.

Every time you take CBD in one way or another, your internal network of chemical receptors present in your endocannabinoid system gets affected. CB1 and CB2 are the two major receptors that control your dopamine secretion.

They also have a significant effect on your memory, mood, pain, and appetite. With all that aside, smoking CBD is still not injurious to you as it does not affect your vital body functions.

Opioids on the other side could even stop your breath but there’s no possible way you can overdose on cannabis.

How You’ll Feel After Smoking CBD

Smoking CBD flowers can only neutralize your pain and relieve you of stress. Some people believe that CBD can temporarily help them to get rid of all their negative thoughts.

Due to the compound’s anti-inflammatory property, CBD is also a great pain-reliever. CBD flowers naturally have high THC in them when compared to other CBD products which could yield you a strong psychoactive effect.

First-time users would notice a very sharp decrease in their anxiety levels. Smoking or vaping CBD flowers is the best way to consume it as it can get the compound into your bloodstream within a very short interval.

Oil tinctures that you’ll have to keep beneath your tongue is also a very effective and quick mode to disperse CBD.

CBD Oil Side Effects

Can CBD Get You Pass a Drug Test?

CBD products get extracted from hemp plants using various methods of extraction. CBD isolate has no traces of THC which is also what you should opt for if you’re worried about taking a drug test.

Any CBD that’s extracted from hemp would have a THC level of less than 0.3% which is completely legal to use.

This is also why you should choose a company that’s totally transparent and has clear labeling on their products.


You should be careful and stay away from products that have synthetic cannabinoids or other unknown ingredients. These compounds could have adverse effects on your body and you could experience an extreme psychotic episode which might even lead to death.

But if you do your research and source your product from a reputable seller, CBD can offer you a large number of health benefits.

If you were wondering if CBD can intoxicate you, we hope we’ve managed to answer your question. Feel free to share your comments on this topic below.
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