How Cannabis Can Help with Chronic Pain

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It has become universal knowledge that cannabis can help reduce pain and that it is extremely relaxing.

Moreover, its powers are so strong that it helps with chronic pain. Those who are suffering from intolerable pain know only too well how wonderful it feels to have something which allows you to regain full control of your life, without having to resort to prescribed medicines once again.

So, let’s take a look at how exactly it is done, and which types of pain are erased with cannabis.

One of the best ways to use medical marijuana to fight chronic pain is ingestion. Taking cannabis orally works best because one dose prolongs the soothing effect for six to eight hours.

In this way, patients can be pain-free for up to 24 hours! However, everybody dealing with non-stop pain knows that chronic pain is not always of the same intensity, but it can also bring extremely uncomfortable waves of stronger aches.

Vaping Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Should this occur, doctors often recommend vaping to be used on-demand.

One of the reasons why medical cannabis is so greatly researched these days, and probably its biggest advantage, is that cannabis causes less addiction compared to opioid-based medications. This is essential, as the prospect of addiction is one of the main reasons why people suffer through the pain, reluctant to take the medication once again and eventually become fully dependent on it.

Somewhat paradoxically, the addiction potential of medical cannabis is much lower and it helps minimize the opioid use.

What is more, our body is naturally predisposed to accept marijuana. We all have cannabinoid receptors inside of us, i.e. places where the cannabis chemicals are meant to enter our cells.

Also, it should be noted that not all cannabis is created equal when it comes to pain relief. Some pharmaceutical cannabinoids and herbal cannabis are not fully recommended for this purpose.

It is vital to remember their ingredients can vary greatly, and with different substances come different positive results and side effects. For instance, it has been recognized that CBD is much better for pain treatment than THC.

CBD vs. THC Concentration

While THC used to be quite popular for quite some time, nowadays it is known that CBD is much more beneficial. Though THC substances reduce pain, they have certain intoxicating effects. On the other hand, CBD allows you to be pain-free and complete your daily tasks with full concentration, without any haze.

Watch Dr John Teh, Cannabinoid Clinician explaining how CBD and THC connect with our body and what benefits they offer:

As for what illnesses and conditions can be treated with cannabis, the list is amazingly long.

First of all, there are the sleep issues. Then, cannabis has some of the greatest results with cancer patients. Not only do cancer patients feel less pain, but they don’t feel the nausea after chemotherapy.

Patients with neurological challenges have found cannabis extremely useful as well. Even patients with multiple sclerosis have been able to testify positive reactions. Moreover, those struggling with migraine could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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Nevertheless, this plant is not to be taken for granted. Even though it is helping lots of people deal with their chronic pains, it is not meant for everyone.

Responsible use is absolutely necessary. Confusion, sleepiness and dizziness are possible side effects, as well as dissociation and sedation. Therefore, cannabis is not a universal pain relief, despite its incredible advantages over common painkillers.

To summarize, cannabis is extremely efficient with chronic pain relief. It is less addictive than classic medications, has minor side effects (if any), and can help you get rid of pain for a long period of time. For this reason, greater research and wider use await us in the near future.

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