Can Cannabis Help to Increase Male Libido?

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Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, high levels of cholesterol and use of some medications for hair loss, HIV, and other drugs can significantly lower sexual desires or libido in both males and females (DeNoon, 2019).

Additionally, libido tends to vary among different individuals, but there are ranges of natural remedies such as libido meditation, which can improve sexual drives (EOC Institute, 2019).

Male libido increase can be done through a change of diet, aim of novelty, medicines, and use of weed.

What Decreases Male Libido?

There are both psychological and physical causes of a decline in male libido. Psychological causes include stress, depression, and problems related to one’s relationships.

Physical causes of reduced sexual drive include prescription drugs, low testosterone, little or excessive exercise, and overconsumption of alcohol and other drugs (Gibson, 2019).

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Health Risks Associated with Small Male Libido

Cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are the leading health risks often associated with small male libido, and people who quit smoking usually regain their sexual drives and energy levels (Brito, 2018).

Scientists have also linked obesity and overweight to low sexual desires. In addition, lack of enough sleep can alter the energy levels and overall mood, which leads to reduced libido (Brito, 2018).


What Can Be Done to Increase Male Libido?

About 40% of men above 45 years have reduced levels of testosterone. Therefore, testosterone replacement is a common ale libido booster (Gibson, 2019).

Besides replacement therapy, other options such as healthier lifestyles, use of medication, and counseling can increase sexual desires.

Change Diet

Change of diet is one of the healthier lifestyle options that can improve sexual drives (Gibson, 2019). However, other lifestyle changes include having sufficient sleep, reducing stress, taking regular physical exercise, and reducing alcohol consumption.

A nutritional diet promotes cardiac health and good circulation. Foods rich in lean proteins, low in sugar levels, and vegetables prevent decreases in libido (Brito, 2018).

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Aim for Novelty

It is always recommended to aim for novelty and introduce fresh and exciting experiences in sex life.

Experts warn that partners should avoid “recipe sex” and try other experiences that will violate the one’s expectations such as getting dirtier and taking risks (Borzillo, 2015).

According to sexual experts, the novel experiences help in releasing dopamine and trigger the reward system.

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Prescription drugs, which help in reducing hair loss and depression, can significantly low libido. It is important to change these medicines with a direction from a physician.

For men, doctors advise that Minoxidil, a drug used among men with issues of balding have been shown to have no effects on libido (Borzillo 2015).

Other drugs advertised as male libido pills on magazines and TV such as Viagra and Cialis do not boost sexual desires, but help maintain an erection (Gibson, 2019).

Use Cannabis

The use of weed and male libido herbs enhance people’s sexual lives and weed consumers tend to have a higher number of sexual partners.

According to new studies, Somerset (2018) shows that the use of weed enhances and increase sexual drives.

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A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) showed that daily weed users report having at least 20 percent more sex compared to those who never use the drug (Somerset, 2018).

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A decrease in male libido is associated with both physical and psychological causes and common health risks include overweight and obesity, diabetes, and tobacco smoking.

Studies show that libido tends to vary among different individuals, but there are ranges of natural remedies such as libido deliberation, which can improve sexual drives.

This article has discussed male libido booster methods such as change of diet, aim of novelty, medicines, and use of weed.

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