Cannabis Users Make More Money, More Successful and Happier – New Study Finds

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The stigma of the ‘lazy pot smoker’ has got a fatal blow after a recently published study.
What’s more, Cannabis users not only keep up with non-users but seem to be significantly more successful.

The landmark Cannabis consumer study is the most comprehensive and most detailed report ever conducted and found that marijuana users make US$93,800 a year on average, while non-users make over $20k below that, US$72,800 a year.

The study utilises the extensive data that becomes increasingly available from states with legal markets. States such as Colorado and California provide an opportunity for broad data collection and comprehensive analysis.

Taking home significantly more income than non-users might be due to the fact that Cannabis consumers are also better educated. In California, 20% of consumers hold a Master’s degree, compared to 12% of people that state that they would never try Cannabis.

Cannabis users are also more successful in the job market.
In the state of Colorado, 64% of marijuana users are employed full time as opposed to 51% of non-users.

Cannabis users don’t only outperform non-users with education, income, and employment, but also seem to be just a little happier as well.

Nearly half of Cannabis users reported more satisfaction with life than one year ago, while 40% of non-users reported the same.

The antisocial pothead stereotype also got busted with the report.

36% of Cannabis users categorise themselves as very social people, compared to only 21% of non-users.

38% of users volunteer their time to help others in need, while only 26% of the ‘would never try weed’ group does the same.

Weed users are also more connected to nature.

57% of Californian Cannabis users enjoy the outdoors, compared to 26% percent of people that would never try marijuana.

I have to admit that it is great to see these numbers busting the lazy stoner myth and obviously some of the differences are huge. Surely large enough to easily claim that Cannabis users are indeed more successful than non-users.

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