Why You Should Have Cannabis at Your Wedding

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You may kiss the cannabis.

In the United States, 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in a divorce. When discussing conventional marriages, the relationship master Esther Perel asks “If Apple sold you a product that failed 50% of the time, would you buy it?” It is clear that the institution of marriage could use more positivity. I think there is an opportunity to increase marriage positivity by putting cannabis on the menu at your wedding.

How do you put cannabis on the menu at your wedding?

First, you have to decide how the cannabis will be consumed. Putting the cannabis in the wedding cake is probably not a good idea because grandpa might accidently eat a slice.

Vape pens are fun, but you would have to buy a lot of batteries and cartridges to pass around. I think the best cannabis consumption option for your wedding is a joint – lots of them. Joints are historically a path towards sharing a fun and communal cannabis experience.

Cannabis joint

The next step is to prepare many cannabis joints for the wedding. Picking the strain of cannabis is a great excuse to try a few strains and determine which strain will be best for the wedding. I think a good hybrid strain like Sunset Sherbet will convince Aunt Judy that marijuana legalization is a good idea.

After you have the cannabis, you have to decide if you want to roll the joints yourself or use pre-rolled cones to pack the cannabis in. Rolling a mass quantity of joints could be tough on the fingers, so I suggest going the cones route. If you want to make the wedding cannabis experience more artistic, you can order custom branded cones that feature the names of the bride and groom on the crutch of the cone.

You will now need to grind the cannabis. Do not use a blender to grind the cannabis because the heat from the blender will damage the cannabis. Using a large heavy duty herb grinder will get the job done.

GrindeROO Herb Grinder

Now that you have the ground cannabis and the cones, it is time to pack the cones with the cannabis. The people that pack the cones should definitely be allowed to consume a cone while they are working on this project. The people that pack the cones should also get a special shout-out during the best man’s speech.

The cones are packed and it is time for the wedding. Distributing the cones at the wedding should be done by a budtender – the budtender will make sure that children do not have access to the cannabis. Budtending might overtake Dj-ing as the most amusing job at the wedding.

cannabis wedding

What will happen to all of the friends and families consuming cannabis at the wedding?

For starters, it is fair to predict that the people who consume cannabis at the wedding will enjoy their time at the dinner table. The wedding-food-senses combined with the wedding-cannabis-senses will have you feeling like the captain of a spaceship going to Mars. A good rule of thumb is to be polite by not blowing cannabis on peoples food.

Cannabis at the wedding means the wedding conversations might be more philosophical. The cannabis-infused philosophers will be talking about the importance to love in the present moment. In addition to the philosophy, there will surely be wise folks talking about the need to implement 100% clean and renewable energy.

The wedding cannabis consumers will likely have a good time on the dance floor. Bonus points should go to the partners that can create a partner dance while passing a cone back and forth to each other.

cannabis themed weedings

Weddings are a beautiful occasion to celebrate the commitment of life partners. You can make your wedding more positive by sharing cannabis with the fellow wedding-goers. Cannabis is the ingredient that can accentuate the food, conversations, and dance moves.

You may kiss the cannabis.

Kevin Flowers

Kevin Flowers

Kevin likes to meditate, listen to audiobooks, and train athletically. Flowers spends most of his time working in the cannabis industry, listening to the grateful dead, and talking about terpenes. He enjoys consuming BBC content, quesadillas, and thc. Kev F strives to empower other people to create the life they want for themselves.

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