Here is How Cannapreneurs are Shifting from The Black Market to The Stock Market

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Marijuana no longer lurks in the shadow. Especially since it’s legalization and it is projected that in the coming year’s cannabis will have a glorious future.

At least in the coming years, it will be an industry where several options of investment will open. So how does anyone or even the government stop an $11 billion industry from thriving?

Perhaps, it is a bad idea since most Americans use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Instead, it is the illegal aspect of cannabis that needs policing.

Over the years illegal cannabis businesses have been the root cause of negative impressions. Not only this but the same reason has created a faltering image of the non-recreational users with honest medical needs. There is no doubt that people use a medical marijuana card for purchasing cannabis.

In turn, it helps them alleviate the symptoms of certain health conditions. Eventually, illegality, if left unchecked, will further lead to bad impressions. But as of now, it is fair to say that cannapreneurs are shifting from the black market to the stock market.


Though in the coming years it will be difficult to do away with the complexities in an industry that is flourishing but has several loopholes. In terms of laws and business too.

It will be interesting to see the future of the cannabis industry but for now, the legalization of cannabis has definitely encouraged the cannapreneurs to invest in the stock market. But what are the reasons behind the investment? Let’s find out.

Recreational use of cannabis is now legal in 11 states

With the legalization of recreational use of cannabis in 11 states across the country, most of the people have begun investing.

Additionally, cannabis was not even in the top ten topics of discussion three years ago. It remained in the shadows and people had several perceptions about cannabis use.

But for the past two years, the scenario has shifted and more states are demanding complete legalization.

Instead, the idea of legalization is building hope amongst cannapreneurs. They have a chance to increase their annual income which according to statistics has definitely improved over the past few years.

So it is safe to say that the legalization of cannabis had definitely affected the mindset of entrepreneurs who are now willing to invest in the canna-industry.

cannabis bud

Cannabis strains are rapidly gaining popularity

The companies that are selling non-intoxicating, hemp-derived CBD strains have maximum impact over the cannabis industry.

Strains like Charlotte’s Web are in high demand since its advent. The strain is popular because it is known for treating epilepsy. Instead, if we talk about the history of the strain, it was introduced in the year 2011 by the Stanely Brothers.

A crossbreed that also became famous for reducing the seizures of Charlotte’s Figi. It is therefore fair to mention that cannapreneurs want to invest in the companies that are widely selling this strain.

Additionally, entrepreneurs are looking forward to investing in the strain that has a buying potential. So that they can get maximum profits out of the cannabis industry in the near future.

It is noteworthy that all the famous strains come under legal ambit. Especially the states that have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana. Thus saving the entrepreneurs from facing illegal consequences.

Extensive experience in the gray market

There is one thing that matters the most in the cannabis business. An experience that is extensive and shows maximum potential for growth. A novice in the business will face a hard time calculating both negative and positive aspects. This is why it is vital to know the industry in and out.

Herein comes the role of the gray market. Basically, the word ‘gray market’ is used to keep the illegalities at bay. In other words, the gray market combines the role of both recreational and medical marijuana

Considering the loopholes in the marijuana laws, the grey area of the cannabis industry certainly has an upper hand. One of the main advantages is that a canna-cultivator can grow and re-grow a particular strain for the longest period without having to worry about the taxes to pay.

Indeed the cannabis business has several intricacies, perhaps only the failures and successes make a good entrepreneur.

The bottom line is that people will shift to the white market for various reasons but it is a matter of fact that legalization will bring about a new change. How and when? This will be an interesting aspect to see but for now, not only small entrepreneurs but also the biggest celebrities are investing in the cannabis industry.

Leaf by Snoop - Celebrity endorsed marijuana products

From Snoop Dog, Damian Marley to Wiz Khalifa the support is undeniable. A befitting example for the rest of the world that the cannabis industry will take the business world by storm.

Though we should not forget that people will also need a lot of skills and talent. Be it in sales, marketing or cultivation – all three of them together will help you take a leap in the legal cannabis business.

After all the canna-business started with the people who took interest in the cannabis plant, turned failures into success, studied the cannabis industry for years, and then became successful cannapreneurs in the white market.

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