Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries / Shops for cannabis beginners

How to buy the best cannabis in the USA

Cannabis-based products are produced from different parts (dried flowering tops, leaves, stems, and seeds)  of the cannabis plant.  Such products are legal in several states which means you can use, sell, purchase, distribute, and produce … Read more

CBD in Australia

Is it legal to buy CBD in Australia?

CBD has become widely talked about in Australia. Over the past few years, CBD has gone from being an unknown 3-letter acronym to a global phenomenon.  Essentially, CBD (cannabidiol) is the compound found in hemp … Read more

grow your own weed

Cannabis Banking Reform

The cannabis industry has historically been plagued by difficulties in banking and funding. Many banking and lending institutions have been resistant to do business with cannabis companies for fear of federal penalties. However, new legislation … Read more

weed in DC

How to Get Weed in DC in 2022

Despite confusing laws, Washington, DC is a great place for cannabis lovers to legally experience over 10 different storefronts, delivery and more. Here’s how to get weed safely in DC in 2022. Is Weed Legal … Read more