Medical or Recreational: That is the Question

Vaporizing cannabis - Medical or Recreational

As more states allow for the use of medical marijuana, the push for recreational gains force. For decades, the thought of marijuana use being legalized in any way was almost unheard of. In the 1930’s America, legislation was put in place to impose a hefty tax on the sale of cannabis and cannabis related items. […]

20 Most Influential Women in Cannabis

Top 20 Most Influential Women in Cannabis

Cannabis is becoming a bigger and bigger part of everyday life. The stigma associated with weed is slowly going away as a new ‘industry’ is being born in front of our eyes. A brand new industry that legal cannabis is, means that the opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of age or gender. What many […]

4 Ways to Brand Your Cannabis Products for Increased Sales

Brand Your Cannabis Products

Cannabis is a substance that’s been on the up-and-up all over the globe throughout the last few years. The cannabis phenomenon isn’t a mysterious one, either. Many individuals associate the substance with a wealth of significant health advantages. If you manufacture cannabis products, then you should prioritize A+ branding techniques. Doing so can pave the […]

3 Things You Should Know Before Entering the Cannabis Industry

Entering the Cannabis Industry

If you’re looking to break into the cannabis industry, you’re not alone. Smart investors and entrepreneurs are taking notice of the upswing and increased demand in CBD and THC. Not to mention, more states are legalizing their use every day, which means a larger audience and broader customer base. But entering the cannabis industry is […]

Signs the Cannabis Industry is on the Rise

Cannabis Industry is on the Rise

According to a recent study, 62% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. CBD and THC use is becoming more widely accepted across the globe, which is why the industry is booming. CBD sellers are popping up in storefronts and flooding the internet. But what exactly caused this spike in CBD use and is […]

3rd Annual Seed to Sale Show Kicks off in Boston on February 12

Seed to Sale Show 2019 Boston

The 2019 Seed to Sale Show, which promises to be the biggest cannabis expo in Boston yet, is just around the corner! From February 12-13, the only national cannabis conference that focuses solely on innovation, weed tech, science, and best practices will be hosted by the NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) along with other key […]

Cannabis Science to Host a Black Tie, Red Carpet Gala Event- “Cannabis Kills Cancer”

Cannabis Kills Cancer

Cannabis Science Inc. is one of the popular American companies that is known for developing cannabinoid-based medicines. They are taking advantage of their unique understanding of metabolic processes to manufacture innovative treatment options for various unmet medical needs. About the Event- Cannabis Kills Cancer The Black Tie Gala event hosted by Cannabis Science is actually […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Cannabis Loyalty Programs

Cannabis loyalty programs

Cannabis loyalty programs are instrumental in attracting and keeping your customers. These programs are strategies that allow dispensaries and retailers to not only reward their consumers but develop a lasting relationship with them. Cannabis loyalty programs also offer the following benefits: Encourage larger purchases Cannabis loyalty programs encourage larger purchases while allowing consumers to save […]

The Cannabis Industry is Booming: Here’s How to Get Involved

Cannabis Industry Booming

If someone told you there was an industry that was growing faster than almost any other business on the market today, would it spark your interest? How about if you knew that revenue for this industry is projected to hit the $57 billion in the next decade? It should come as no surprise that the […]

Prepackaged Weed: Cannabis Dispensary Do’s & Don’ts

How Many Ounces to a Pound of Cannabis?

Each dispensary has their own ways selling cannabis but the most favored way of selling the goods is to weigh it out in front of a customer as the transaction is taking place, meanwhile, others still sell it prepackaged. One factor dispensary staffs consider is convenience. Popular dispensaries like the Green Solution think that it’s […]