Is CBD (Cannabidiol) Legal?

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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabidiol

People are calling it the “miracle elixir” and it is slowly taking the market by storm. First discovered in the year 1940, cannabidiol, or CBD as it is sometimes called is a phytocannabinoid that is said to have medicinal properties.

However, most people are still not aware of the benefits of CBD because; first, the clinical research is still ongoing and doctors are trying to gather more information about the chemical and its effect on patients.

Second, when people come to know that CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, they immediately think it is a drug and stay clear. However, even though cannabidiol makes up 40% of the plant’s extract, it is not psychoactive.

This blog post will highlight the benefits of CBD and whether it is legal in your country.

What is CBD?

The chemical compound CBD is obtained from the Cannabis sativa plant, which most people will know as the marijuana plant. It is a naturally occurring substance and is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids in hemp plants.

As stated earlier, the thing that sets CBD apart is that it is not psychoactive and does not produce the characteristic “high” normally associated with other chemical compounds derived from marijuana such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Misconceptions About CBD

What is the Legal Status of CBD?

CBD is normally taken into the body through inhalation, in the form of vapor or smoke, or orally, in the form of tinctures, capsules or edibles.

Since it is derived from the cannabis plant, most countries have some form of regulation when it comes to CBD.

Here’s a quick look at the legal status of CBD in different countries:

United States of America

In the US, CBD comes under the ‘Schedule 1 Controlled Substance’ and as such is not approved for use as a prescription drug or a dietary supplement.

However, the Food and Drug Administration has approved Epidiolex, which contains CBD, because it is effective in treating childhood epilepsy.

Recent laws have also legalized CBD that is obtained from hemp as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. Given the ambiguity surrounding the drug laws in the United States, you should check your state laws before you buy CBD products.

You can also visit the Essential Pura website to know more about the products before you make a purchase.

United Kingdom

Cannabidiol products are mostly legal in the United Kingdom and are generally marketed as medicines.

Like the US, the regulatory body in the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, places certain restrictions on CBD products, beginning from the way it is made.

The main criteria for CBD to be legal are that it should be derived from industrial hemp that is approved by the European Union.

Hemp Plant

Additionally, cannabidiol products like CBD oil are only legal if the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is below 0.02%. There are exceptions to this rule as well. For example, Sativex, which is used to treat multiple sclerosis, is a mixture of THC and CBD.

If you are looking for a trusted CBD oil store in the UK, make sure you do thorough research to ensure you get a quality product and what you pay for.

European Union

As is the case with other countries, the European Union places regulations on CBD and THC products depending on how it is extracted.

Considering that the EU has the most liberal laws concerning cannabis, it is no surprise that the CBD market is booming. Even though within the European Union different countries may have their own laws concerning the manufacturing and sale of CBD, a majority of countries have made it legal.

It is important to note that in the EU, CBD is classified as a novel food. Hence, it is easy to see why cannabidiol is licensed and sold as a food supplement and not as medicine.

Here’s the bottom line, even though the laws concerning the sale and consumption of CBD products are ambiguous at best, governments and health officials are continually reviewing those laws as CBD research progresses.

Since CBD does not produce any psychoactive effect, and since it has a number of health benefits, many countries are slowly expanding their laws to facilitate the sale of several CBD related products.

You can visit the Essentia Pura web page and check out a range of CBD products that you can use to improve your health and treat certain diseases. You can also check out other blog articles to learn more about cannabidiol and follow up on whether it is legal in your country.

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