CBD Concentrates for Use in Multiple Forms Including the ‘Wax Dab’

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Since the legalization of cannabis and its derivatives, there has been a demand for higher potency strains. In trying to meet the ‘criteria,’ the industry works diligently to learn how to maintain the consistency of as many cannabinoids in the substances as possible.

Today, claims suggest there is more THC in marijuana than even in the days of ‘Woodstock.’

But for some even levels as high as 30% are not sufficient. Therein brings the arrival of concentrates.

These are not only sought for recreational users to obtain a more significant ‘high,’ but for those using CBD derived from hemp in a therapeutic capacity who hope for optimum symptom relief with little wait time.

CBD Concentrates Come On the Scene

CBD concentrates are gaining popularity over the traditional cannabidiol products of standard strengths because they are considerably more potent.

These are extracts derived from the hemp plant consisting of exceptionally high percentages of cannabidiol. Claims indicate some isolates contain as much as 99% CBD.

In consuming concentrates, an individual can ingest large amounts of cannabinoids that react quickly. Proponents of the substance are of the mindset because there are no intoxicating characteristics, but extensive therapeutic properties. Cannabidiol deems a safe, useful alternative to many treatments.

Following the extraction process, companies like Cheef Botanicals, have a variety of names for the resultant concentrations.

Cannabis Extraction

When seeing labels for products sold online, you may see different terms. Most base these references on the substance’s consistency and texture. These include:

The Waxes: Unlike standard CBD oils, this offers a more solidified consistency that appears to be opaque with some crystallization. Wax dabbing is among the most popular methods.

The Shattering: If the substance lacks crystallization with extraction, there is a cloud over the opaque shade. It resembles ‘glass’ turning into a thick ‘honey’ consistency when it’s heated.

The Live Resin: The extraction process takes place using cryogenically frozen flower buds instead of dried or cured. Claims suggest that in freezing, a significant number of cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved, creating exceptionally more flavor in the experience.

The Budder Effect: The consistency after extraction is reminiscent of ‘butter.’ The oil is extracted using excessively high temperatures along with air pressure giving a waxy, fluffy texture.

The Crumble: The result notes to be similar to ‘feta cheese’ texture. It is comparable to wax, but the process claims to use ‘pre-purged’ cannabidiol oil of a thicker consistency that consists of more moisture.

Regardless of which form you choose to consume, it’s vital to understand that cannabidiol concentrates are exceptionally more potent than CBD oils and products like edibles and topicals.

You will only need a minimal amount in comparison to what you consumed with regular strengths. To learn of potential risks with techniques used with concentrations like wax dabbing go to https://www.bustle.com/articles/169238-6-health-risks-of-doing-dabs-you-should-know.

Contaminated Hemp Plant

Despite the potency, the concentrations of CBD, when derived from hemp, are still non-intoxicating.

It is just as important with these products as with any to ensure that you purchase from reliable, reputable suppliers who offer lab results posted on their websites.

From there, you have access to the list of ingredients in the products and at what level the THC, the psychoactive component, falls. Follow this link for guidance on buying quality products.

Final Thought

Cannabidiol has gained significant popularity for its therapeutic properties, which claims suggest will assist with symptoms for specific health ailments, disorders, or conditions.

Some individuals receive no benefit from even the highest strength of the oil tinctures because their symptoms are too severe.

CBD concentrate potency levels are considerably above standards to create what claims indicate is the potential for a substantially greater effect for those with more challenging symptoms.

Before you jump on the bandwagon and begin consuming these substances, please consult your physician, particularly if you are experiencing such dire symptomatology.

When the doctor gives clearance, pay attention to the medical plan of care and your directives. A very minuscule amount is recommended when starting, despite your symptoms. From that point in working with the medical provider, you can gradually bump up until you reach maximum effectiveness.

Everyone wants to feel better when challenged by physical or mental difficulties, but you want to ensure that you take the healthiest path when finding your solution.

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