CBD and Energy: Everything You Need to Know

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CBD and energy are two concepts that don’t seemingly mix. After all, thousands of people use CBD oils and marijuana to relax, unwind, and treat chronic anxiety.

You’ve probably seen (either in real life or on television), a few friends completely mellowed following a good bake session.

But CBD isn’t just used to calm your nerves. In fact, when used in proper dosage and for the right reasons, this magical herb can actually help boost energy levels.

Interested to learn more? Keep reading to discover a few things you didn’t know about CBD and how it can act as a natural stimulant.

The Science Behind the Effects

To fully understand how CBD can offer a natural energy boost, you must first understand how CBD interacts with your body.

The most important thing to note is that CBD is different from THC, meaning that users don’t experience any psychoactive effects. The “energy” boost you feel when using CBD is not attributed to any type of natural “high” offered by the drug.

Instead, CBD interacts with natural cannabinoids already present in your body. It’s this interaction that is the key to CBD for energy.

Did you know that your energy levels are controlled primarily by your hormones?

Cannabis Help Your Brain

Your body’s endocannabinoid system regulates many of your body’s natural hormones and in turn, directly affects both your physical and mental energy levels.

Without adequate natural cannabinoids in the body, you’re left feeling fatigued and weak. This is where CBD comes into play. With the proper dosage, CBD increases your cannabinoid levels, naturally boosts energy levels. This not only eliminates fatigue but also leaves you feeling more focused and alert.

Treating Medical Conditions

Another reason why so many users turn to CBD to help give them renewed energy is its ability to treat conditions like chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even insomnia.

All of these conditions (and others) can greatly interrupt your natural sleep patterns. This makes it nearly impossible to fall and stay asleep, leaving you lethargic, disoriented and exhausted throughout the day.

By helping to ease pain and inflammation and relaxing the body and mind, CBD allows for a quality night’s sleep, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day!

Another common cause for the inability to sleep is gastrointestinal issues and discomfort. CBD can help ease many stomach conditions including IBS and nausea.

Ingestion is also possible via drinking and non-alcoholic Cannabis drinks like cannabis coffee.

If you’re accustomed to using coffee for energy, but also experience stomach discomfort, a coffee enema might help!

According to the article “3 Main Benefits of Coffee Enemas (Plus 1 Instructional Guide)” by Dr. Todd Watts, the main reason for using a coffee enema is to detox the liver.

But you can learn more about it’s added benefits and how it might help increase energy levels.

Which CBD Strain is Best for Boosted Energy?

The answer is simple — sativa. Between sativa and indica (two popular strains of the hemp plant), sativa is recognized as more of a stimulant, whereas indica helps ease stress and anxiety.

Stick with CBD products that are made from sativa strains for mental clarity, relaxation, and increased productivity.

If you’re looking to achieve a better night’s sleep, incorporate some indica into your nighttime routine, as this strain is known for its calming benefits.

Dosage also plays a key role in how your body will react to CBD. Be sure to check the dosage and experiment by starting off slow and low. You can always increase the dosage if the need arises.

Productivity - CBD and Energy

CBD isn’t just for stoners looking to get high or even mellow out. When used correctly, certain strains can actually give you the natural boost of energy you need to get through the day. Not only that, but you may feel additional benefits such as increased mental focus and productivity.

Educate yourself on CBD’s many uses and take advantage of its versatility to improve your life today!

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