3 Ways That CBD Can Be Beneficial for Your Cat

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Anxiety in cats and pets is a common phenomenon that can get every pet parent worried. It can often be accompanied by barking, panting, pacing, shivering, digging, and destroying things around the house. In worse cases, it can lead to self-destruction, including abnormal chewing.

For occasional delicacy and treatment of your cat, it’s recommended that you try CBD for cats and the variety of other CBD related products that are currently on the market.

CBD for Cats

When shopping for a CBD-based product for your favorite feline, you’ll be faced with a few choices including treats, balms and oils. The treats come in different sizes, textures and are made for specific purposes.

Honest Paws offers some of the most popular CBD products for cats including; soft chew treats that help your cat feel more calm and relaxed, paw balms and CBD oils for keeping your cat healthy. What makes Honest Paws products a safe choice is that the products are non-GMO, organic, lab-tested, and soy-free.

History of CBD

Cannabis use dates back to 500 years ago when humans used it as a medicinal product for therapeutic purposes as well as to help heal their bodies. Cannabis has high amounts of THC, which is a natural compound, also known as a cannabinoid.

This product has many therapeutic effects since it has a significant impact on the mind. On the flip side, CBD is calmer than THC and doesn’t result in euphoric symptoms.

Subsequently, when you introduce CBD products to your pet, you’ll have peace of mind that it will produce calm effects and introduce a full range of beneficial elements.

Whereas CBD is found in particular cannabis variants, you can also find a sister species hemp plant in large quantities. The US has legalized the cultivation of hemp as well as commercial production and consumption.

CBD for cats

Your Cat and CBD

Without a doubt, a cat’s behavior can be predictive, primarily due to its natural instinct. If you have a feline friend, you can attest that each cat is different in terms of traits or personality.

For example, some cats are endearing and seek comfort; however, others are quieter. On the same note, some cats are charming or fun to have around in the house, whereas some are lazy and love lounging on the couch.

However, regardless of personality, some unpredictable disorders may occur. For example, digestive issues, poor mobility, lethargy, and meowing more than usual.

Most pet parents may decide quickly to visit a vet; however, home remedies can dramatically relieve your pet of the symptoms. You may want to try out CBD cat treats or oils which are safe for use in cats and canines.

Scientific Research

Research on the effectiveness of CBD for cats and pets is still at the elementary stages. However, earlier statistics point to the beneficial attributes of CBD in treating health problems such as inflammation, seizures, anxiety, and cancer.

Below, we’ll explore three ways CBD can benefit the health of your cat.

1. Anxiety Intervention

Like people, pets too can become anxious brought about by many things such as abandonment, illness, or physical and emotional abuse.

Regardless of the cause, it can bring sadness watching your cat or dog suffering needlessly. If left untreated, anxiety may lead to other health issues such as stress, withered fur, and digestive concerns.

CBD exhibits anti-depressant effects in dogs; however, studies reveal that a small dosage can produce calming effects in cats.

If you see that your cat is a little on edge, CBD is most likely the best solution to make them feel more relaxed and at ease.

2. Clears Discomforts

As cats age, they can experience bone loss and mobility problems due to joint inflammation and degeneration. As a result, your feline friend may suffer from aches or pain as they age, which can cause discomfort.

Remarkably, CBD treatment can help clear the discomfort and improve the quality of life of your pet. They will sleep better and enjoy a life free of pain.


3. Cure Brain Degeneration Disease

Cats too experience brain degeneration diseases such as dementia as they grow old. One primary symptom is squalling for no particular reason. If your animal friend is overly vocal, they could be distressed, which can cause some confusion.

Studies reveal that cats and other mammals such as humans have similar receptors, cells that relay stimuli from the brain. Therefore, in this respect, a dosage of CBD oil can help regenerate brain cells and suppress the effects of dementia.

How CBD Works in Cats

Like other mammals, cats have an ECS or endocannabinoid mechanism that connects receptors and other chemicals from the brain to other body organs. If the cat produces these chemicals, there may be deficiencies.

The ECS is an essential part of the cat’s system because it controls its mood, sleep, reproduction, appetite, temperature, and inflammation.

If something happens and the ECS is dysfunctional, you can supplement with CBD products which helps in improving your pet’s quality of life.

Safety Concerns

Notably, CBD is approved by WHO (The World Health Organization) as a safe product for people as well as animals.

Likewise, some vets recommend a small dosage depending on your cat’s weight. For example, every 1 mg of CBD product is recommended per 10 pounds of cat’s weight. You can constantly adjust the serving over time as the cat gets used.


As a caring pet parent, observe the reactions and side effects of CBD on your cat. Your cat may exhibit the following complications at the onset of the treatment.

  • Sleepiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Poor appetite
  • Mood swings

Get in touch with your cat’s vet if the symptoms are severe. If your cat is on medication, be sure to mention this to the vet as well.


Honest Paws CBD products can help treat anxiety, discomfort, and dementia in cats of all ages. Your feline friend will have better days ahead and an improved quality of life once he or she consumes her first dosage.

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