How CBD Can Help with PMS and Issues Related to Menstrual Health?

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Cannabis is a potent plant filled with amazing medical benefits which are gradually gaining recognition across the world. With more researches and studies enabled due to legalization in various states, a large list of intriguing facts about the plant and its benefits are getting decoded.

Cannabis is a natural and effective form of treatment for different ailments both mental and physical which draws interest from the public who have a tough time coping with medications that are ineffective as well as come with side effects.

CBD oils and their benefits for treating chronic pain, depression and various other diseases is an encouraging step towards CBD based medications and treatment options for diseases.

One of the major reason for interest in CBD is because of its influence on the endocannabinoid system of the body.

endocannabinoid system

The compound is a phytocannabinoid or a substitute for the natural cannabinoid and hence has the ability to enhance the efficacy of the endocannabinoid system. This substance was effective in balancing hormonal issues which increased interest among scientist to understand its effectiveness on treating PMS symptoms and overall menstrual health.

The menstrual cycle is that time of the month that comes with a lot of discomfort and pain for a lot of women. PMS has both physical and mental symptoms that affect women across the world.

Various methods and treatments such as using heating pads, consuming warm beverages or pain relief medications have evolved during the years. Yet, an effective way of controlling the various symptoms is yet to reach all the women who face the frustrating effects of PMS month after month.

To learn more about our endocannabinoid system here is a great video with Dr John Teh, Cannabinoid Clinician explaining it in more details:

So how can CBD benefit women suffering from PMS?

1.) It can help with the pain:

Pain during the menstrual cycle is common and the area of the problem varies from person to person. Some experience headaches, pain in joints whereas a few experience intense pain in the lower back.

The pain and discomfort associated with this time of the month last for the entire cycle and makes performing everyday activities challenging. Headaches and migraines are other common symptoms of PMS which also requires effective medication.

worried tensed woman

There are various over the counter medications currently available to cope with the pain. But CBD oil acts as an effective pain relief method that does not come with any side effects. A study examines the effectiveness of CBD as a pain relief and concludes that patients treated with CBD were more likely to experience lesser pain and related symptoms.

CBD combines with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body and alters the chemicals that create the sensation of pain. This way the intensity of pain experienced gets reduced. Use of CBD oils, creams, etc., during this time of the month, can help ease the pain and make the experience slightly comfortable.

Another study conducted during 2016 establishes that CBD could be effective against migraines that occur during the menstrual cycle. The study involved 121 patients suffering from a regular migraine and after treatment with CBD, the results showed that the use helped the number to drop from 10.4 to 4.6. Although the effectiveness isn’t particularly proved in the context of PMS during this study, clinical trials are under progress to gather strong evidence to prove its effectiveness.

2.) It is a powerful muscle relaxant thus helping with period cramps:

Another common issue faced by women during periods are the menstrual cramps. The degree of pain caused by these cramps is too bad in some cases and sometimes even feels unbearable. Cramps are the result of muscle contractions that occur in the uterus caused due to hormonal stimulation in the body. During these contractions, the blood flow to the uterus gets inhibited which is the reason behind the intensity of pain.

CBD for PMS and Menstrual Health

Using a powerful yet safe substance such as CBD helps in alleviating the pain and also eases period cramps. Canada’s best online cannabis dispensaries today witness a large range of products entering the market which includes CBD infused creams, ointments, etc., which can relieve menstrual discomfort quickly.

3.) It can help cope with the mood swings:

Hormonal fluctuations in the body during the time of the month severely affects women mentally. Apart from the physical discomfort women tend to experience a wide range of emotional ups and downs. Depression and anxiety during menstrual periods observed in many cases also require attention.

The anti-depressant quality of CBD known through supporting research and studies can be harnessed. Similarly, CBD has also been effective against anxiety which is the primary reason why it can help women during the menstrual cycle. It can help them feel calm and relaxed and create a sense of euphoria to uplift their mood. CBD from black diamond strains is particularly effective for having a therapeutic effect on the body and mind and helps to relax.

Neuroprotective properties of Cannabis

4.) It can help with the breakouts:

Every month the dreaded day comes usually a few days before or after menstrual cycles when your skin starts to break out. The hormones pulsing in the body cause this effect on the skin which is very difficult to handle. CBD is an effective way of dealing with these breakouts without harming the skin. CBD infused skin creams and lotions are available at Canada’s best online cannabis dispensaries which can help fight these breakouts.

The growing body of research to prove the effectiveness of CBD promises to bring forward an evolved and efficient medication for treating common problems such as PMS and improve menstrual health.

Have you used CBD for PMS and to ease any discomfort with your menstruation? Share your experience with us in the comments section below! 

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