CBD for Skincare: The Benefits

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Sebum is an oily substance produced naturally by the body to help keep the skin soft and smooth and provide a protective cover against toxic compounds. Sebum in low quantities is virtually harmless to the skin.

Excess production of the same (due to specific triggers, e.g., puberty, hormonal changes), however, mixes with dead skin, dirt, and pollen that, in turn, clogs and infects skin pores.

Using just a small amount of CBD oil (topically) reduces the body’s action against the infected pores while speeding up the healing process. CBD with coconut oil as the carrier has antiseptic properties that further accelerate the healing process.

CBD and Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common condition with many people. Several physiological and environmental factors are known to trigger the condition, with chronic skin conditions, weather, certain lotions, and soaps being the most culprits.

CBD, however, packs potent nourishing and moisturizing properties that help keep the skin moist and smooth and fight off itchiness triggered by dry/dead skin.

Most people, however, prefer CBD oil enriched with coconut or olive carrier oils, for these also do pack a punch as natural moisturizers. Applying CBD oil directly on the affected area provides relief from discomfort and itching within a matter of minutes.

Some researchers also believe CBD contains anti-aging properties. This is because CBD helps fight wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and crow’s feet, among common signs of aging.
Millions of people thus use CBD oil every day for skin nourishment and to preserve their youthful look as well.

One of the reasons for this is because CBD helps regulate hormones and protect skin cells from toxic compounds that accelerate the aging process.

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CBD Oil for Exfoliation

Body scrubs help remove dead skin cells, dirt, and unwanted materials from the surface of the skin. This is why you always feel refreshed and cleaner after using a body scrub.

In addition to exfoliating, adding CBD oil to your body scrub helps the skin take advantage of its numerous benefits. All you need to do is add a few drops of CBD oil to your body scrub bottle and mix well.

Your skin will benefit from the numerous health benefits CBD has to offer. The skin will not only feel cleaner and softer but also well moisturized.

This is because CBD oil will be absorbed directly into skin cells as you exfoliate, and even days later, hence a smoother, healthier, and radiant skin.

Go for The Best Quality CBD Product

With dozens of CBD products from different manufacturers/suppliers, identifying the best product to use can be rather tasking.

Try CBDsupplyUK.co.uk for high-quality CBD. Since all CBD products aren’t created equal, you want to stick to brands known to be transparent, reputable, and provide the best quality available.

Companies/brands that do third-party testing are your best bet for better quality products. You might also want to buy CBD from brands that grow organic hemp in-house. Organic production ensures the help plant isn’t exposed to pollutants, heavy metals, harsh chemicals, etc., hence a higher quality product.

Have you tried using CBD for skincare? Share your experience in the comments below!
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