How CBD Can Help Heal Sun Damaged Skin

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When the season of spring and summer comes, the sunny and warm days also come with it. Many people wait for this time of the year to flex their body on the beaches. And some prefer to have light clothes on their body while having fun outside under the sunlight.

Often times the moment of joy can be spoiled by sunburn. The chances of getting our skin burnt by the sun is a really common thing these days. Many of us have the tendency to neglect proper skincare in the spring but it is very necessary.

Now several studies have shown that CBD oil which is extracted from the cannabis plant can be helpful in healing sun-damaged skin.

Cannabis, which has always been a topic of controversies for many decades, is now being recognized as a treatment for many health conditions. It has many compounds called cannabinoids – THC and CBD are the most well-known of them. Cannabinoids carry medicinal properties which can be extracted and administered in a number of different ways.

A common delivery method is vaping which is a healthier alternative to smoking. With the use of dry herb vaporizers, you can just vaporize raw cannabis flowers. However, if you prefer vaping CBD-infused e-liquids, make sure you buy high-quality products only from trusted sources, such as

In a nutshell, CBD has many positive effects on the human body and it also has the ability to treat skin problems, and treating sun damaged skin is one of them.

CBD for Sun Damaged Skin

Getting our skin burnt is a natural protective reaction of our body by too long and too intense exposure to the sun.

When sunburned, the skin is irritated and reddened. It can also cause swelling, blazing, and peeling of the outer skin layer. The skin becomes extremely sensitive. This can be extremely uncomfortable and, depending on the severity, extremely painful.

It is also dangerous because it can increase the risk of developing skin cancer. But this can be treated gently and naturally with an oil containing cannabidiol (CBD). In the case of severe burns, however, a doctor should be consulted.

freckled skin / skin cancer

How Does CBD Work on Sun Damaged Skin?

As we said, CBD oil promotes the natural healing process and soothes the inflamed and irritated areas. In contrast to many creams and lotions, a good CBD oil does not contain any chemicals that could further irritate the skin.

There are CBD creams specifically designed to treat and heal sun damaged skin. If you don’t have access to such products to ease the symptoms of your sunburn, you can always use CBD oil that can be bought from every dispensary.

It is easy to apply to the affected areas and it gently cares for the skin. The active ingredients stimulate the formation of new skin cells and thus the healing processes.

CBD for Long-Term Protection of the Skin

In the long term, we also expose our skin to free radicals with the sun rays. These accelerate skin ageing. Obsessive sun worshipers, therefore, often look wrinkled and old because the skin loses its elasticity and resilience.

CBD fights against free radicals and carries antioxidant properties. It reduces the damage caused by solar radiation to the skin and reduces the process of ageing. Therefore, the skin remains adaptable and young.

CBD oil is safe to use over a long period of time and it is practically free from side effects and very well tolerated. In the case of acute sunburn, healing can be accelerated and with regular use, you can keep your skin healthy and fresh for a long time. Users can also use creams and products which have CBD as an ingredient.

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