How to Add CBD Tinctures to Your Daily Hygiene Routine

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When it comes to CBD products, CBD in tincture form can be a potent addition to a person’s daily hygiene routine. Generally, these tinctures are usually composed of a high-quality strain of hemp.

To make them effective and easier to absorb, such as when applied under the tongue, they are infused in a 60 to 70-percent alcohol solution—much like is done with herbal preparations for use in alternative medicine.

The following are a few important hygienic applications you should be aware of when considering CBD tinctures.

CBD and Sleep Hygiene

One of the hygienic uses of CBD tinctures is that it can be used to reduce stress and anxiety. This can make a CBD tincture a powerful sleep aid for people looking to improve their sleep hygiene.

It has long been understood that CBD tinctures will aid in eliminating the symptom of insomnia and it helps people who have difficulty sleeping to get the rest they need. Usually, applying a few drops under the tongue does the trick.

Treating Bacterial Infections with CBD

CBD has been used to fight a number of chronic, debilitating conditions. Another hygienic benefit of CBD tinctures is their ability to treat bacterial infections which cause staph, strep and MRSA.

This makes an antibacterial CBD tincture a must-have in any home remedy kit. One way to apply a tincture is topically to an infected area, or by mixing it into a lotion. This allows the CBD in the tincture to be absorbed through the skin.

CBD Tinctures and Oral Hygiene

A common use of CBD tinctures is to address problems with infections of the mouth. This includes Streptococcus mutants which play a key role in eroding the material substance of a person’s teeth.

CBD is also useful in helping to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with gums and teeth while it helps to kill off unwanted, harmful pathogens which compromise oral health.

Simply adding a few drops of a high-quality CBD tincture to toothpaste is all that is necessary to obtain these benefits from daily brushing.

CBD Tinctures and Digestion

When it comes to digestion, swallowing a CBD tincture formulated as a digestive aid can sometimes be a useful way to calm the digestive system.

This is assuming, of course, that your body has an easy time digesting CBD. As with many plant products, some individuals may experience a problem digesting CBD, so it is best to start off slow with a low dose CBD tincture and work your way up to determine how much your body can tolerate.

One of the great benefits of taking CBD as a tincture, as opposed to other forms, is that it is easy to get CBD tinctures that are enhanced with other flavors. This makes taking CBD an easier prospect for people who become a little overwhelmed by the earthy taste of CBD oil products.

Plus, CBD tinctures can be formulated with low doses to allow for the gradual increase of the products used to help find a person’s optimal daily dosage more efficiently and easily.

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