CBD Vape Oil: Understanding the Benefits Of CBD

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Individuals take CBD to treat anxiety, improve their sleep as well as relieve pain.

All these are severe conditions, and it is for that reason that you need to always carry out proper research before buying any product as this may harm your overall health.

Therefore, it is vital you only use CBD products of the highest quality. To do this, you should do test several brands until you locate one which has the right dosage, flavor, and effects on you.

Discussed in this article is everything you require to know on CBD vape oils. Consequently, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision as to everything connected to these CBD vape oils.

CBD Vape Oil, What is It?

CBD vape oil is a kind of vape juice which contains CBD, and it is fast gaining popularity. Usually, it implements the same delivery system as to that of a weed pen or an e-cigarette.

What is CBD?

However, CBD vape oils neither include the intoxicating marijuana effects nor the addictive nicotine.

Additionally, some CBD vape oils are pre-mixed blends, whereas others are pure additives which mix in together with your present flavors.

There exists plenty of confusion about CBD vape oil, that is, whether or not it is an actual oil. In technical terms, CBD vape oil is not a real oil and only got its name from hemp oil which has been consumed for many years even before the formulation of these vaping gadgets.

Therefore, using the term CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice would be more precise.

Does CBD Vape Oil Make Me High?

A lot of people worry that because CBD is extracted from cannabis, it will make them high, mainly because both THC and CBD are phytocannabinoids.

Nevertheless, CBD does not contain any of the psychoactive properties that THC does. Usually, the majority of the CBD vape oils are entirely made from CBD isolate and contain no traces of THC in them; hence, it will never make you high.

Others are manufactured from raw hemp which contains insignificant traces of THC which is not sufficient to be psychoactive. Usually, any CBD oil that contains a maximum of the legal limit of 0.3% of THC is classified as a non-psychoactive.

Subsequently, this CBD vape oil will generally make you feel relaxed and possibly euphoric, but it will never make you feel high.

Benefits of Using CBD Vape Oil

For thousands of years, cannabis has been used by humans for therapeutic and medical purposes.

The endocannabinoid system found in humans, as well as other mammals, interacts with CBD consequently affecting some bodily functions such as appetite, sleep, mood and assist in maintaining homeostasis inside the body.

Additionally, whereas CBD is known to be an anxiety and pain reliever, it has been proven to help address a couple of other symptoms and these include:

• Acne
• Psychosis
• Parkinson’s
Neurodegenerative conditions
Multiple Sclerosis

Therefore, vaping CBD is a fun way of getting your regular cannabidiol dose, even if it is your first time vaping or smoking.

endocannabinoid system

Likewise, so long as it is derived from hemp, it is entirely legal in most of the states in the United States, but some still require you to have a medical prescription.

What Quantity of CBD Should You Vape?

Deciding what the appropriate quantity of CBD you should vape is dependent on numerous personal factors such as your weight, tolerance, age, and most significantly your symptoms.

Typically, different conditions necessitate different doses. For instance, taking CBD for nausea requires you to take a lower dosage in comparison to taking it for seizures.

Moreover, another factor you need to take into consideration of how frequent you vape. If you seldom vape, you need to take a higher dosage to compensate.

Below is our chart which you may use as a starting point and subsequently you may adjust your dose as need be.

Typical strengths:

• 50 – 200 mg (Low)
• 200 – 500 mg (Medium)
• 500 – 1000 mg (High)
• 2000 – 4000 mg (Very high)

These CBD strengths indicate the content inside the whole CBD vape juice bottle, and unlike standard nicotine vape juice, which has its concentration measured per ML, this is decided per bottle.

Thus, a great starting point is with a 30 mL bottle which has a content of 500 mg. But for more severe conditions, the content of 1000 mg+ is ideal.

To determine your proper dosage, divide using the size of the bottle to work out the concentration per mL.

vapor clouds

How Should You Use CBD Vape Oil?

The use of CBD vape oil effectively and safely is all about understanding how to make use of it as well as having the proper equipment.

In the market, you will find many types of vape gadgets, and this ranges from tiny pods to desktop vaporizes, but the most frequently used is the vape pen.

Always guarantee that the device you are using is meant for vaping plus it must never be a homemade gadget.

The four primary components present in all vape pens are:

• Battery – Many of these vape pens come with a rechargeable lithium battery which offers energy that heats the oil.
• Atomizer – This is the vape pen’s heating element.
• Tank – This is where the CBD vape oil is put. Usually, the design varies as some vape pens include reusable chambers while others have disposable cartridges.
• Mouthpiece – It is through this part that you inhale the vapor.

Disposable dab pens / smoke pens
Whereas vape pens have slight variations, these generally are the steps which you need to follow when using CBD vape oil:

• First, confirm that your pen’s battery is fully charged, and usually, this takes a couple of hours.
• Take out the atomizer from the tank.
• Go ahead and fill CBD vape oil into the tank, but if you are using a disposable cartridge, insert the cartridge instead of filling the tank.
• Reattach the battery and atomizer.
• To turn on the pen, push on the power button.
• Lastly, hold the power button and then place the vape pen’s mouthpiece inside your mouth and inhale.

CBD Vape Oil Side Effects

CBD vape oil has some minimal side effects, and the most common are dry mouth, dizziness, and slight drowsiness.

However, before encountering these effects, you require to have inhaled lots of CBD. In case you experience any of these symptoms, you need to take a break and gulp some water.

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