CBD Water – The Perfect Wellness Product

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The world is waking up to the miracle effects of cannabis and a big part of the newly found, ever-growing popularity of this ancient plant is a compound called CBD.

I won’t go into details on CBD (Cannabidiol), if you’d like, you can read more here. It is becoming common knowledge that CBD is one of the most therapeutic substances that not only work as a treatment for a large number of conditions but also works perfectly as a wellness product to prevent disease.

At the same time, as cannabis is going through a complete image change, water is also becoming the centre of attention.

What is CBD?

For the last two or so decades, people have been paying more and more attention to their diet, and make attempts to eat healthy. However, while we have made progress on what we eat, a lot less attention has been paid to what we drink.

Soft drinks contain a whole lot of sugar and many other things that people would not tolerate in their foods. Consumers have been waking up to the fact that what they drink is just as important (if not more) than what they eat.

2017 was the first year when bottled water has overtook soda consumption in the US, indicating that people are catching up to the importance of the beverages they consume. Adding CBD to water makes perfect sense, as it provides an easy and regular delivery method of this miracle substance.

Image courtesy: cbdlivingwater.com

CBD is fat-soluble and dissolving in water isn’t as easy as water-soluble substances, so it might be easier to purchase it than to make it yourself.

Available products include CBD Living Water, that is created utilising nanotechnology to size the CBD small enough to go right past the blood-brain barrier and therefore ensure instant absorption of the CBD.

Another product that uses nanotechnology to create CBD water is QuantumCBDH2O.  This company uses CO2 to extract phyto-cannabinoids from cannabis and transfer those into nano-sized emulsions for immediate absorption.

Cannanano is another CDB water product that uses nano-sized CBD particles and they claim a 90% typical absorption. They use hemp derived CBD in their water.

CBD Fusion Water also uses a form of nanotechnology to add hemp derived CBD to their water and they also produce a water called Hemp Springs.

A unique kind of CBD water, Kind Water, not only contains the CBD cannabinoid but also claims to include terpenes. The manufacturer of Kind Water says that terpenes act with the CBD in the water to create somewhat of an entourage effect.

These are the options for CBD water that we have come across, if you live in a state where they are available, make sure you give them a try.

And if you are interested to learn more about the entourage effect of the cannabis plant, watch the below short video with Dr John Teh, Cannabinoid Clinician below:

Have you tried a CBD-infused water? Share your experience in the comments below. 

isack cole

isack cole

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