Choosing the Right Marijuana Strains for Depression

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With the ongoing legalization of marijuana in many countries worldwide, more people are starting to use it in order to treat various medical conditions. Despite the stigma that still follows it, there are lots of modern scientific studies that prove the positive health effects of this herb.

One such study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience in 2014. It discusses the connection between our body’s endocannabinoid system and psychological conditions such as depression.

Thanks to studies like these, people started to opt for marijuana or medical marijuana as a treatment instead of traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

Marijuana Strains for Depression

Choosing the Right Strains is the Key to a Successful Treatment

No one would simply walk into a pharmacy, take any type of medication that’s within a hand’s reach and expect to recover from a certain condition. The same goes for cannabis.

For example, marijuana is so much more than THC. Each strain is rich with different cannabinoids and compounds that have a vast range of therapeutic effects.

Choosing the right strain is vital if we want to treat our conditions successfully. However, people who don’t have legal access to cannabis and its derivatives have to use whatever is available most of the time.

Meanwhile, those who have legal access to marijuana have probably noticed that each strain has a different effect on their mind and body. Therefore, each strain will help with different depression symptoms.

We can sort those strains into multiple categories according to the effect they can have on us:

  • Strains that help with insomnia.
  • Strains that help with appetite loss.
  • Strains that lower anxiety.
  • Strains that help with fatigue.
  • Strains that put us in a good mood.

What is insomnia?

Strains that Help with Insomnia

To battle insomnia successfully, we should look for highly sedating strains; not just strains that make us sleepy and lazy, but also strains that will put us in the happy zone, keep us uplifted and ease our mind. Indicas are a perfect choice for this.

Tahoe OG is such a strain. It will keep us relaxed and put us to sleep in no time. Blackberry Kush is also perfect for all night owls out there. It will calm us in an instant and cancel out wild and ongoing thoughts that are keeping us awake.

How Cannabis Can be a Positive Appetite Stimulant

Strains that Help with Appetite Loss

Whether we have used cannabis before or not, we are all aware that people who are under the influence have an increased appetite. Almost every strain has this effect.

The main culprit for that is the THC compound. However, too much THC may induce some anxiety in some users. That’s why it’s important for us to choose strains that are well balanced if we want to fight appetite loss.

Lemon Kush is a perfect strain that will make us crave food while keeping us happy and uplifted. They call it Lemon Kush because it leaves a sweet lemon aftertaste.

On the other hand, Granddaddy Purple should be used before we go to sleep, or during our day off. It’s a great appetite stimulant, but it might make us feel lazy and sleepy too.

CBD for anxiety and depression

Strains that Lower Anxiety

Even though there’s a general opinion that marijuana will calm both our body and our thoughts, too much THC in a strain can actually make us anxious. That’s why it’s always advisable not to overdo it with such strains, or to go for strains that have more CBD instead.

Sour Tsunami is perfect for treating anxiety because it contains high levels of CBD. It will make us feel lazy, but it will also keep us focused and in a good mood.

Meanwhile, Lavender is famous for its soothing lavender aroma. It fully relaxes us while allowing us to experience pure bliss at the same time.

Cannabis helps with fatigue.jpg

Strains that Help with Fatigue

Sativas are perfect for combating fatigue. They help us feel energized, lively, and euphoric.

All those who have lost their creativity because of depression will surely benefit from these strains. While we’re under the sativa influence, we feel more focused, happy, and fulfilled. It’s like we’re once again getting in touch with our true selves.

XJ-13 offers a fresh, citrusy aroma that will keep us focused throughout the day. We will stay clear-headed enough to go through our daily routine without any drawbacks.

people in good mood

Strains that Put Us in a Good Mood

High levels of terpene limonene will easily elevate our mood. All strains that have a vibrant, citrusy aroma usually contain enough limonene. Therefore, we’ll be able to easily recognize them.

We recommend trying the Pineapple Express. It’s fruity, sweet and it will help us to experience childlike happiness. However, we’ll still be able to concentrate on performing a certain task.

Amelie Roux

Amelie Roux

Amelie has been in the digital industry as a senior content editor for numerous digital news publications. She believes in the cause of the medicinal plant and fully supports the thrust to legalize it. As an avid user and food lover, she frequently experiments in the kitchen to make her version of everything delicious and cannabis-infused.

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