Revealed: The Countries Who Grow the Most Weed and Those Who Smoke the Most Weed

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With the growing number of weed users worldwide, the demand for marijuana is at its all time high, following its legalization in several States in the US now. There are countries, such as Uruguay, that legalized cannabis while many other countries have or in the process of decriminalizing possession.

And although it is still illegal in many countries around the world, the export of weed has sustained to be a thriving industry regardless of its prohibited status.

But have you ever wondered…

Which country grows the most weed in the world? 

And which country consumes the most weed?

Well, we have answers for these questions for you plus, we’ve taken a look at if weed has fueled the growth of the economies of these top countries.

Which Country Produces the Most Weed?

The United States, being the most mainstream in marijuana propaganda, as well as having the most media coverage about marijuana at present time can easily be assumed to be the number one country that produces the most cannabis worldwide.

Although some countries have yet to legalize marijuana in their area, profitability, tradition and religion has kept the practice of cultivating marijuana in these countries alive.

Here is a list of top Countries in the world that yield the most marijuana:



Marijuana use in India dates back to a thousand years ago.  Used in medical, recreational and religious purposes, cannabis has always been a part of the culture. India is said to be the motherland of cannabis and where all the different strains of marijuana originated. Marijuana in India is usually grown in the northern regions of the country’s territories.

South Africa

South Africa

The legal use of marijuana in Africa is prohibited, but the rich landscape and warm weather suits the widespread cultivation of cannabis. Because of an indecisive government, almost every African country has some form of marijuana cultivation, but South Africa has yield the most output. Due to the scarce police network for export, South Africa shows to have the qualities required to transport marijuana effectively worldwide.



Mexican cartels have been responsible for a lot of drug imports that come into the southern part of the United States. Because of a high profitability after crossing the border, a lot of these drugs including cannabis are smuggled in high quantities almost on a daily basis. Border patrol have been trying to suppress the influx of drugs coming into the United States for many many years. With the increase of border protection services, the more clever those transporting the goods have had to be. The transport methods have insured Mexican cannabis to be in abundance and can be seen everywhere throughout the southern region of the United States.



Mexico, having to jump borders to deliver cannabis to the United States, Paraguay has established themselves as the largest suppliers of cannabis to the rest of South America. Being ranked number 2 in the world as a top cultivator in cannabis, Paraguay supplies countries Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile in a constant basis. Despite the government’s weight in enforcing a stop to this outbreak, farmers are still eager to grow the crop because of its return in value with an estimated worth of over 500 times more than most standard crops.



Although foreign forces from the US and UK occupy the country following the downfall of Al Qaeda, the cultivation and export of drugs in Afghanistan has grown rapidly. Al Qaeda, being effective in eradicating drug crops like cannabis and opium in Afghanistan, have had their presence diminished in the county, resulting to farmers growing profitable but illicit crops in huge farm lands everywhere.

Marijuana in Afghanistan can be seen growing wild in the streets around the city and the country being labeled once the producers of the finest cannabis strains in the world, it is said that Afghanistan is once again on the road to establishing this title.

Today, Afghanistan has been recorded to be producing the largest yields of cannabis per hectare in the world, producing up to 1,500 to 3,500 tons of cannabis a year.

Which Country Smokes the Most Weed?

After reviewing countries that yield the biggest marijuana crops worldwide, the consumption of cannabis can easily be assumed to go hand in hand with the top players that grow cannabis.

Some would also call out Jamaica as the home of the most smoked country in the world… but this is in fact not so.

In contrast to the above, the top countries that consume the most cannabis does not coincide with countries that yield the most crops.

New Zealand

NZ People

Cannabis is widely used in all provinces across New Zealand. Cannabis is dubbed the country’s third most used recreational drug following nicotine and alcohol. Even though 14.6% of the country’s total population is smoking marijuana, marijuana use in New Zealand is still illegal. Efforts to remove penalties and prohibition of marijuana use is already in motion and can be expected in the near future.



Italy has already legalized marijuana use. With 14.6% of the country’s total population smoking marijuana as a recreational and medicinal drug. Italy’s marijuana laws are only limited to personal use, the production and distribution of weed in the country is illegal till this day.

United States


The country that introduced medical marijuana to the world, the United States has a marijuana smoking population of 14.8%. More than half of the results are based on 24 states that legalize Medical Marijuana. Today, the state of Colorado is the only state that legalized marijuana in a recreational level.



Although the drug is illegal in the country, a 17.7% statistic on Zambia’s total population smoke marijuana. Because of marijuana’s high profitability, a growing number of advocates import marijuana from other neighboring countries.



According to the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drug Crime) the people that consume the most cannabis, in relation to its population, are those that reside in Iceland.

The following data apply:

  • Icelandic residents that smoke marijuana accounts to 18% of its population according to a report dating back 2012.
  • Total population of Iceland that smoke weed is greater than the 15.4% of Americans in the United States that use the drug for recreational and medical purposes.

The study shows that there are more people in Iceland that consume cannabis regularly, while another study determines the country with the most population that consumes cannabis.

The United States and Spain account to 7.6% of its total population with daily user accounting to 35% and 34% respectively.

The top producers of marijuana, like Afghanistan, does not mean that the country also is leading in the consumption of the crop.

This may be due to the prohibitions in law in these areas of the world although climate, weather and land in the area proves to be perfect for the plant’s cultivation.

The economy for countries who have legalized marijuana use has boomed due to distribution, production and consumption of the crop.

Unfortunately for those countries where marijuana is still illegal and prohibited, only the black market and illegal groups benefit from the plant’s profitability.

Cannabis is grown in every corner of the globe and is relatively cheaper compared to the different drugs out there.

Legalization will not change its availability and may possibly even be the drug of choice for any socioeconomic class out there in the years to come.

Does the list surprise you? Do you think by legalizing it we will see more people use cannabis?

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