Denmark Begins Four Year Medical Cannabis Trial from 1 January 2018

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Denmark has not necessarily been on the forefront on medical cannabis, however, the northern European country is making slow progress.

About two years ago, the government has finally agreed to launch a trial program to assess the possibility of using medical cannabis by patients with cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Denmark Medical Cannabis Trial

The legalisation process of medicinal cannabis in Denmark will be a rather long, four-year trial initially, with 22 million kroner (US$ 3,435.000) have been set aside for the trial project. According to the current position of the government, only after the medical cannabis trial, it will be decided whether to make medical cannabis available permanently or not.

The Danish Health Ministry stated in their report the following at the time:

“The goal of the trial is to establish a defensible framework for the implementation of medicinal cannabis in the public health sector so patients with certain treatment indications can be treated with medicinal cannabis prescribed by a doctor,”

“Hereby, some of the patients who self-medicate using illegal products can have a legal alternative that can be used within a more secure environment.”

Currently, the government is making preparations to launch the program from January and assessing if cannabis can be grown in Denmark or if they have to rely on imported medication.

13 companies have already applied for permits from the medicines authority, Lægemiddelstyrelsen, to grow cannabis, despite Parliament not yet approving it.

The Danish Parliament is still working out the details how it will all work and most people are expecting a complicated set of rules.

There would be no shortage of Canadian and Israeli companies, who would be happy to supply cannabis to Danish patients, however, local supply is expected to push the prices down.

“Today, it costs 2,000 to 6,000 kroner per patient per month to be prescribed medicinal cannabis, and we have a goal to at last halve that,” Lars Tomassen, the head of Danish Cannabis, told local media.

Hopefully, Danish patients will be able to access medical cannabis from January 2018 even though it is just a trial to start with. Holland has a medical cannabis law since 2003 and by now Germany has made a move as well and legalized medical cannabis. There are plenty of examples around for Denmark to follow.

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