Can You Detox from THC in 24 Hours?

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There’s nothing worse for a weed enthusiast than a pre-employment and random workplace drug testing. Despite being legal in certain states, cannabis use is still frowned upon in the workplace environment.

Employers that strive to create a drug-free work environment won’t tolerate recreational use, even if you only indulge during off-hours. If you work in a drug-free environment, your employers have legal rights to request that you submit to mandatory drug testing.

However, the number of recreational users among highly professional, educated, and highly proficient people continues to grow, since the benefits of weed became widely acknowledged. And since good help is hard to find, many employers decided to abandon the “drug-free” policy.

Many companies are abandoning pre-employment drug testing in favor of hiring capable and proficient individuals. However, even without a “drug-free” policy in place, employers might still request you to submit to drug testing if there’s reasonable doubt.

For the sake of this discussion, we’re going to assume that you have an upcoming drug test, and you have to detoxify urgently. We’ll mention various aspects of short-time detoxification, and whether or not it can be done in 24 hours.

Weed and Detox

Of all the drugs, THC metabolites are the hardest to expel from your body. The reason behind that lies in THC’s fat-solubility and its ability to bind to your fat cells.

Once you ingest or inhale marijuana smoke, THC eventually enters your bloodstream and does its magic. Over a short period, the liver metabolizes THC and expels it through bowel movement and urine.


However, not all THC leaves the body. Some residual THC and its metabolites get absorbed into the body’s fat tissue. Once there, it’s unable to leave the body until the body metabolizes THC-saturated fat, usually by burning it for energy.

During that time, as the liver and kidneys filter out your blood, THC metabolites will slowly enter your urine, making them detectable during urinalysis. This is the body’s natural way of detoxifying and removing THC from your system.

Depending on how much cannabis you consume, this natural detox process might take anywhere from several days to several months to complete. Fortunately for many weed enthusiasts, some products can increase the effectiveness of the body’s natural detox process by speeding it up.

Detox Products

There are many detox products on major store shelves claiming to remove free radicals from your blood and body effectively. And while that might be true, none of them is effective as a weed detox. To detoxify from THC properly, you’ll need specially formulated detox products that are effective at removing drug metabolites from your body.

Some of the best products on the market if you’re submitting to urinalysis are detox kits. They consist of detox pills and detox drinks, with the optional addition of fiber supplements. Detox kits are the most effective products that enhance natural detox; however, they’re only detox supplements and require time to take effect.

High-quality detox drinks are the best option for those seeking to pass a urine drug test on short notice. Keep in mind that regular detox drinks bought at local stores lack the required potency to deal with THC metabolites effectively. The only products effective enough are high-quality detox drinks that are specially formulated for such purpose.

And in the end, if you’re submitting to a hair drug test, hair detox shampoos are your safest bet. They’re specifically designed to penetrate the hair and remove drug metabolites stuck inside hair strands.

Cannabis Laboratory Testing

An Honest 24 Hours Detox

Performing a natural detox requires a fair amount of time. Depending on your toxin levels, your body might take several days, or even months to properly detoxify. But if you urgently need to detoxify, there’s still hope.

However, there are things you should know first. It’s possible to detoxify your urine and hair within 24 hours by using high-quality products. Still, there are some minute chances of failure, which are usually contributed to human error, and failure to adhere to the rules of natural detox.

The very first thing you should do is to stop using cannabis immediately. Secondly, you should use a high-quality detox product, like a same-day detox kit, or a detox drink. It’s probably for the best if you combine the two.

Some of the best same-day detox kits come with a set of detox pills, and a detox drink, you’re supposed to ingest per specified instructions. This includes taking detox pills at a specified time, with the specified amount of water. Detox drinks are usually used an hour or two before producing the urine sample.

According to this independent review, one of the best detox drinks currently on the market is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. It’s a fruit-flavored detox drink that comes in two sizes, a regular 17oz bottle, and a stronger, 32oz bottle of Rescue Cleanse.

The 17oz bottle is best suited for light and occasional smokers, while the stronger version works best for heavy weed smokers. However, if you’re only 24 hours away from your urine drug test, we advise you to go with the 32oz bottle, to ensure maximum efficiency. Using Rescue Cleanse detox drink is pretty straightforward; simply follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Due to its effects, you might feel the need to urinate more frequently, as the drink purifies you through frequent urination. It would be best if you peed at least three times after finishing your drink, but before the test, to properly expel toxins from your bladder.

detox from THC - urine test

Also, keep in mind that Rescue Cleanse provides a 5-hour “clear zone,” during which your sample is clean, free of toxins, and ready for testing. Once the clear zone expires, the toxins will slowly re-enter your bladder, making them detectable in your urine once again.

What About a Hair Test?

You can successfully detoxify your hair in 24 hours, by using structured hair detox methods. Two well-known and highly efficient hair detox methods are the Macujo Method and Jerry G Method.

They’re both great at removing toxins from your hair; however, they’re also damaging to your hair and scalp. Use these methods safely, adhering to the instructions, and you and your hair should be fine.


If you’re facing a drug test, by which we mean urine screening, your safest bets are drug detox kits, or detox drinks, like Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. For maximum efficiency, we advise a combination of those two methods.

As far as hair testing goes, a 24 hours detox is also possible, though it might damage your hair. We strongly advise that you detoxify your hair under the supervision of your hairdresser, as hair detox involves dangerous chemicals.

In the end, we conclude that it’s possible to successfully detoxify within 24 hours, as long as you’re adhering to the rules of natural detox.

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