Diabetes Treatment and Prevention Through Cannabis Oil

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According to data from the CDC in 2017, more than 100 million Americans have type 2 diabetes or are prediabetic. That number jumped up significantly from the 29 million the CDC noted in 2014. These statistics are frightening, to say the least, and the trend seems likely to continue upward.

Diabetes continues to affect millions of Americans due to high levels of sugar consumption, toxins in food, and particles of pollutants in the air.

Those diagnosed with diabetes must rely on insulin and with Big Pharma consistently raising costs of medications to manage diabetes in astronomical ways, there has been a huge push to find something to treat it rather than just manage it.

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Without treatment through insulin and adjustments to the diet, those suffering from diabetes become more prone to cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, eye disease, ulcers, oral diseases, mental illnesses, and may run the risk for amputation of limbs.

Enter cannabis oil, more commonly known as CBD Oil, once frowned down upon because of the tarnished reputation marijuana once unfairly received. Today, it’s getting the proper recognition it deserves.

In particular, research surrounding diabetes and using cannabis oil to treat it has been on-going since 2005, and the results are rather reassuring.

What is Cannabis Oil?

CBD is one of the most common cannabinoids within cannabis. In some strains, the CBD concentration is much higher than THC. THC concentrations are what causes the high feeling whereas in CBD, there are no psychoactive effects.

While cases are being made for medical marijuana use, more people are on board the CBD trolley because it has anti-psychotic properties which help balance disorders like anxiety. THC can cause anxiety to escalate, making it a fantastic option for treatment.

CBD vs. THC Concentration

Cannabis oil on its own has great benefits that protect brain cells and neurons from damage and relieves inflammation. It’s also been shown to hold anti-aging properties, but one of the most exciting breakthroughs with it is its ability to help those with type 2 diabetes or even prevent diabetes altogether.

How Cannabis Oil Can Help with Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) listed a number of benefits it found for the use of CBD oil in a 2005 research paper. In the report, it was found that cannabis oil could:

– Stabilize blood sugars
– Prevent inflammation of nerves and reduce pain
Relieve muscle cramps and gastrointestinal pain
– Dilate blood vessels to improve circulation
– Lower blood pressure
– Quell restless leg syndrome

With type 2 diabetes, the main factor is that insulin production is dysfunctional. Research has found that cannabinoid receptors are present in the islet cells within the pancreas, where insulin is produced in the body. Activating these CB1 receptors was shown to produce insulin.

In 2013, the American Journal of Medicine published a five-year study that took a deeper look into the effects of cannabis oil in relation to insulin. With regular use, it was shown that 16% had lower fasting insulin levels and 17% lower levels of insulin resistance.

Endocannabinoid system

The science behind this is due to the endocannabinoid system and researchers’ more recent findings about how it works within the human body.

Endocannabinoids and endocannabinoid receptors are in the organs, brain, connective tissues, immune cells, and glands. They all serve to keep a stable internal environment in the body, scientifically known as homeostasis.

In essence, the research findings that are coming to light these days are reflecting that CBD oil helps restore homeostasis in the body, allowing the body to function with balance.

The American Journal of Medicine concluded in 2013 that cannabis oil could help control blood sugar. It also found that those who use it were less likely to suffer from obesity, which is one of the factors that tends to lead to type 2 diabetes.

Treating and Preventing Diabetes with Cannabis Oil

If you have diabetes, you still must manage blood-glucose levels, however, the findings that CBD oil can help are extremely promising. Prevention is the best course of action for any disease, and there are many studies that show the risk of developing diabetes dropping in correlation with the use of cannabis oil.

Its effectiveness seems to stem from the natural anti-inflammatory capabilities that cannabinoids possess. They may even do so better than existing medications available on the market for diabetes today.

There’s hope for those with type 1 diabetes as well, a condition that one is typically born with where lifestyle choices aren’t a cause for its development. Research from the Diabetes Council showed that CBD can reduce the occurrence of type 1 diabetes and even delay the onset.

sugar is more harmful than cannabis

The gravitational pull toward CBD oil is strong and it seems the industry is moving forward in finding innovative solutions for diabetics as well as prevention measures to keep those statistics from the CDC from climbing.

Those suffering from diabetes can use CBD oil to correct imbalances within the endocannabinoid system that lead to weight loss difficulties, and losing that weight to get out of the obese range is a crucial aspect of managing diabetes. It also reduces insulin resistance which can keep the disease from progressing.

Cannabis oil also has another benefit over traditional marijuana consumption in that it is very discreet to use and doesn’t require a prescription.

It can be taken by placing a dropperful under the tongue to allow it to penetrate into the bloodstream, as capsules or pills, inhaled, or even in the form of chewable gummies.

If you have diabetes or are at risk for developing it, it’s worth looking into cannabis oil to see how it can benefit your health.

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