Difference Between Highs for Edibles vs Smokables

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Marijuana is now legal in Canada, which means that more people have access to it. As a result, new shops have sprung up, and new buyers have started to explore their options.

In this tentative new phase, many inexperienced shoppers are not quite sure what to look for in their next marijuana purchase. One important factor to consider when purchasing marijuana is the form.

Marijuana is a plant, and it can be processed in a variety of ways for human usage. The way it is processed will change its impact. In other words, you will get very different kind of highs depending on how you ingest marijuana.

Understanding the Way Edibles Are Made

If you are new to marijuana or cannabis, then you may not understand some of the basic terminologies.

Edibles refer to marijuana products that are made to be eaten. To do this, the plant can be used in its natural form. You can also use oil derived from the plant. Some people even brew the leaves as you would tea.

Given this range of uses, the results are equally diverse. Most people have heard of pot brownies, but today the cooking has become even more sophisticated and refined. There are plenty of other baked goods like muffins or cookies. However, there are also more unexpected options.

You can buy edibles in the form of hummus, pizza, guacamole and even bacon. A growing number of restaurants are starting to offer edibles on the menu, and there are a variety of options for a marijuana dispensary in most communities.

marijuana brownies

Understanding the Way Smokables Are Made

Marijuana can also be smoked like a traditional cigarette. In order to smoke marijuana, the ground cannabis flowers are rolled along with tobacco paper. The result is commonly referred to as a joint.

An alternative way to create a smokable is with oil. The oil can be extracted from the cannabis plant and then used in a pipe.

Both experiences share many similarities, and the availability of smokable products is vast at your local marijuana dispensary.

Looking at Key Differences

Both edibles and smokables use the same plant. Both can be purchased legally and consumed in Canada. However, there is a key difference between these options.

While ingesting cannabis in different ways, you will experience different highs in response. In general, the high from edibles is considered more intense and longer-lasting. For some people, the experience is nearly psychedelic.

While smoking also produces a high, it is often a more relaxing experience with less intensity. Why is this the case? How exactly are these differences experienced in the body?

Read on to find out more about the different highs experienced for edible and smokable marijuana products.

Your High Stems from the Way Marijuana is Absorbed

The main reason you experience different kind of highs for each type of marijuana is that your body processes each version differently.


Think about it. When you choose edibles, you are consuming marijuana. The THC, which is the critical ingredient in marijuana, must go through your entire digestive system. Because of this, THC is metabolized in the liver.

When this happens, THC is converted into a distinct metabolite known as 11-hydroxy-THC. This specific metabolite has a powerful effect on the body. As it is released into your bloodstream, it easily passes through other parts of the body.

In particular, science has shown that it effectively slips through the blood-brain barrier. In other words, when you consume edibles, the high can linger in your brain for an extended period of time. This creates a pronounced experience.

By contrast, when you choose smokables, the THC is burnt or vaporized and inhaled. In this form, it also goes to the brain, but it moves much quicker.

Look at the Differences in Effect and Duration

There is no right or wrong way to consume marijuana. However, your personal needs and preferences may vary, which is why you should thoroughly understand the differences in each type of high.

One key element is the effect and duration of each high. The high from smokables is more immediate, but it passes quickly and is often less intense because it is not metabolized by your body.

Many people feel very relaxed or laid back, and the high will dwindle within a short period of time. The high from smokables is typically finished within a couple of hours.

When it comes to edibles, it can take up to two hours for the experience to truly kick in. However, when the high starts, it is often much more intense. It can also last for several hours. Ironically, edibles actually leave a smaller trace of THC in the bloodstream.

The Importance of the Dose

With any type of marijuana, dosing is an important part of the process. The amount of cannabis used in the product will impact your experience. This is particularly important when thinking about edibles.

If there is too much cannabis in an edible product, the high may be too intense for some people. However, dosing can be difficult since the high is often delayed. When smoking, the effect is faster, which allows the dosage to be tailored more effectively.

However, there are some standards followed by most reputable marijuana dispensaries in Canada. Typically, 10 milligrams of THC is standard. The effect of this dose tends to be mild.

A more potent edible variation will contain 100 milligrams of THC. However, this amount should not be consumed all at once. The effect of a large quantity is not deadly, but it can cause more extreme effects.

Have Caution with Potency Labels

The fact is that the legal marijuana market is still new to Canada. This means that the industry has not quite perfected its advertising standards. In other words, the potency of the product may not always be clear from the label.

Moreover, working with marijuana is not a perfect process. This is especially true with edibles. Each batch of an edible product can produce different highs and results. In some cases, you may eat a cannabis muffin one week and experience a mild high. The next week, the high may be intense and prolonged.

This is why further oversight and standardization are important for the industry. With further testing, it should be possible to continually refine the process of making marijuana products.

Moreover, you should only buy from marijuana dispensaries that you trust. This is the best way to ensure that the products you buy provide the experience you are really looking for when you consume cannabis in any form.

The Health Factors for Each Type of Marijuana

The type of marijuana does not just yield different highs. Each product type also has different effects on the body overall. In other words, there are other health factors to consider when you choose between edibles and smokables.

Smokable marijuana is negatively associated with other types of smoking. There are many health risks associated with smoking. These risks are also linked to smokables.

Edibles do not share these same risks. Moreover, as more people try edibles, there is a greater variety on the market. This means that edibles now come in healthier forms. Your edibles do not have to be decadent baked goods. Now, edibles can be purchased in the form of granola or quinoa.

The health impact is worth some consideration as you pick the right kind of cannabis for your needs and preferences. Learn more by visiting a local marijuana dispensary today.

Do you experience different highs with different cannabis ingestion methods? Share your comment below!

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