Enjoy A Refreshing Glass Of Cannabis Juice

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Health buffs are now buzzing over juicing. From fruits to vegetables, all are getting juiced to make the most out of its health benefits. And most recently, juicing MMJ is becoming the next big thing!

Smoking, vaping and ingesting edibles are the most common ways to consume marijuana. However, making Marijuana juice is now gaining its popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. Not only because Marijuana juice is a nutrient-rich beverage, but also because it is easy to make and take anywhere which is perfect for people on the go, who want to have a boost from their herbs.

Why Juicing is the Way to Go

Before I go into details about raw cannabis juicing, let me share with you that juicing, in general, is a great idea. And if you are already into juicing you can skip ahead to the cannabis juice part further below.

marijuana juicing

Complete nourishment. As much as possible, we all want to get completely nourished with all vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. And this can be done by taking food supplements or by a healthier method of juicing fruits and vegetables. It is all natural and packed with all the nutrients and vitamins we need. Simply put in as many servings you prefer in your juicer and you are good to go with your healthy energy drink.

Raw is better. More often, foods are cooked before consumption. And this deactivates essential enzymes needed by the body. With juicing raw fruits and vegetables, all nutrients are kept intact and easy to ingest.

Cancer-fighting beverage. Many health organizations are recommending juicing fruits and vegetables to prevent and fight cancer. More specifically when juicing vegetables like carrots, they have cancer-fighting phytochemicals and vitamins. To yield its benefits, at least 5 cups of carrots should be consumed, and this is equal to 1 cup of juiced carrots.

juicing aids in weight loss

Detox and keep the extra pounds off. Popular to many, incorporating juicing in your diet would help get rid of toxins while shedding away the extra pounds. Imagine stuffing all your fruits and vegetables in the juicer, extracting only the essential nutrients that you need, it will be easier to consume and lessens the process of digestion. All nutrients will then be absorbed easily by our body. And since drinking lots of liquid makes us feel full without the extra calories, thus, juicing aids in weight loss.

Get fully hydrated. Nothing beats a fresh and organic vegetable juice in keeping the body fully hydrated. The alkaline levels on these juices help remove toxins from cells which make it easier to receive hydration and nutrients.

Easy and Efficient. We cannot deny it, juicing is the most convenient way to get all the nutrients that our body needs. No cooking required nor munching on loads of food just to get well-nourished. You simply put in all your fruits and vegetables in the juicer and you are good to go with your energy booster slushy.

What About Raw Marijuana Juice?

Similar to juicing other common vegetables, Cannabis juice gives essential nutrients that our body can benefit from. Consuming raw Marijuana juice enables users to receive high levels of cannabinoids, CBD and THCV, but with the absence of its psychoactive effects. At room temperature, the cannabinoids are in their acid format. For example, the molecule that becomes THC when heated is non-psychoactive THCa at room temperature.

Fresh Raw Marijuana Leaves

CBD and THCV are compounds found in the buds and leaves of the Marijuana plant and are loaded with antioxidants that aids in improving certain health concerns.

CBD or cannabidiol has shown significant medical benefits. It is now being used as a treatment for epilepsy, cancer, depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders, chronic pain, and diabetes.

THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin, on the other hand, is said to promote weight loss. A research cited an evidence that this cannabinoid boosts metabolism and helps decrease body fat.

Other Benefits from Raw Marijuana Juice

  • Raw Cannabis juice will boost your energy. Without the process of heating, beneficial nutrients and enzymes are preserved, providing our body with the essential nutrients it needs.
  • Raw Cannabis juice is packed with antioxidants.
  • By juicing Cannabis, a fully concentrated herb is produced, wherein all essential nutrients are in one easy to prepare drink.
  • Raw Cannabis juice contains sufficient amounts of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. These are important for brain development, blood pressure regulation and immune system function.
  • It contains anti-inflammatory properties, which are more potent when consuming highly concentrated Cannabis juice.
  • Raw Cannabis juice also contains neuroprotective antioxidants that help in the treatment of different central nervous system disorders.
  • Raw Cannabis juice is a complete source of protein.

Fresh Raw Cannabis Leaves

Tips When Preparing Your Cannabis Juice

  • Raw is best! Marijuana is best prepared raw to get the most nutrients out of it.
  • Keep it fresh! Always use clean and fresh marijuana buds and leaves.
  • Never use dried cannabis when juicing.
  • Always dilute your herb with water or fruit juice you prefer, to lessen its acidity.
  • If you decided to use cannabis juice for detox or in a full liquid diet, start with one juice per day to avoid feeling weak and tired. Then you can gradually replace your normal meals with it if you wish.

Healthy Marijuana Juice Recipes

When preparing these tasty green slushies, wash all your organic produce thoroughly. Always pick the freshest ingredients. Get a good juicer and clean it well before and after use. And always keep in mind that a cold-pressed juice is the best way to keep most of the nutritional value of your herb. When all is ready, simply put all your organic produce in the juicer, mix it well, and enjoy!

Basic Green Slushy

5 handfuls of spinach

7 large cannabis leaves

3 kale leaves

½ lemon

½ cucumber

1 Fuji apple

Cannabis Juice

Sweet and Spicy Greens

3 handfuls of spinach

10 large cannabis leaves

1 large cannabis bud

5 kale leaves

20 small sugar leaves

½ jalapeño

1 cup pineapple

1 cucumber

Ultimate Greens

1 handful spinach leaves

½ head Romaine lettuce

1 green apple

10 sprigs cilantro

½ lime

1-inch fresh turmeric root

1-inch fresh ginger root

2 large fresh cannabis buds

Fresh Cannabis Leaves for Juicing

Rainbow Greens

6 Swiss or rainbow chard leaves

2 handfuls spinach

1 cup green grapes

1 cucumber

½ green apple

1-inch fresh ginger root

20 fresh cannabis fan leaves

Unbeetable Healthy Greens

1 large red or golden beet

1 cucumber

1 bunch beet greens

1 green apple

10 sprigs parsley

3 Swiss chard leaves

2 large fresh cannabis buds

Cannabis Juice

Freshest Minty Greens

15 large fresh cannabis leaves

1 cucumber

15 sprigs of fresh mint

1 green apple

½ head Romaine lettuce

All Healthy Greens

30 fresh cannabis sugar leaves

2 cups dinosaur kale

5 sprigs parsley

1 cup curly kale

2 handfuls spinach

½ cup wheatgrass

½ cucumber

½ green apple

Do you have your own version of Cannabis Juice? 

Share it with our community in the comments section below.

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Evita T.

She is a free spirit who is most passionate about writing. She has been working for the cannabis industry as a freelance copywriter for quite some time. She can dabble writing while traveling because she is just simply super.

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